Danielle Bernstein: Casual Cool Street Style

Laidback, comfortable, and relaxed, casual street style is one of the simplest looks to pull off. However, learning how to add some easy-going and edgy touches can make your outfit cooler. The mind behind the We Wore What blog, Danielle Bernstein is for casual cool street style with a mix of urban, vintage, and contemporary fashion. Keep on reading for fashion tricks to make your street style cool and edgy like Danielle.

birkenstocks with casual outfit

birkenstocks with striped dress birkenstocks with white jeans and crop top

As they say, shoes can make or break your look as it makes the finishing touches whether your outfit will look stylish or frumpy. Known to be the laidback and ugly footwear, Birkenstock sandals is one of the hardest footwear to pull off, but Danielle manages to wear on her street looks. Flat and open-toe styles of the shoes scream casual cool, perfect for long walks in the city. Like Danielle, you may creatively wear it with your casual striped dress, crop top and white jeans, as well as a chic combination of blouse and shorts making them look casual cool.

leopard print sneakers with casual romper slip on sneakers with casual jumpsuit

Looking athletic on your casual looks seemed to be trendy and cool. Like Danielle, you may opt for a pair of sneakers, the slip-on ones, for a hassle free and laidback vibe. Opt for your favorite denim overalls, casual romper, denim jeans and tee to wear with your slip on sneakers. There are now printed slip-ons that you may opt for like a leopard print, stripes, geometric, color block and such that can add some fun to your casual cool looks.

sneakers with culottes and black top sneakers with knitted outfit sneakers with leather culottes and oversized top sneakers with ripped jeans and plaid blazer sneakers with structured blazer and casual outfit sneakers with white coat and jeans

White sneakers or tennis shoes may be of the sleek and polished shoe styles you may go for if you wish for a chic but sporty look. Like Danielle, pair them with your leather culottes, oversized knits, ripped denim jeans, plaid blazer, denim shorts, structured blazer, wool coat, and skinny jeans for a cooler vibe. White sneakers can be your perfect alternative for Birkenstock sandals if you’re looking for comfort without compromising style.

brogues with casual outfit and maxi cardigan loafers with velvet jumpsuit pointed loafers with chic top and culottes pointed loafers with jeans and jacket tuxedo dress with loafers

Loafers, brogues, and oxfords are known to be men’s shoes that are now worn by women. These styles of shoes create a cool, edgy, and masculine vibe that will go well with your casual cool outfits. Like Danielle, you may wear them with your plain dresses, biker jackets, overalls, denim jeans, button-down shirts, and leather jackets that will absolutely look great with them. Or, have the courage to partake in the growing borrowed-from-boys trend to make your casual street style look edgy and cool at the same time.

boots with edgy dress and leather jacket boots with overalls and tee edgy cut out boots with casual outfit military jumpsuit with edgy boots pointy boots with crop top and skirt thigh high boots with dress wedge boots with skirt and knitted top

Wearing boots is known to be the simplest and most stylish way to look edgy on your looks. Like Danielle, you may go for a pair of ankle boots and wear it with your military inspired outfits, crop tops, denim overalls, leather trousers, and feminine skirts balancing the dressy and edgy touches of your outfit. To make your style looks more interesting, select the cut-out style of boots like Danielle did, therefore, bringing more edginess and coolness to your casual street style.

wedge shoes with casual outfit pointy flats with casual outfit leopard print flats with striped pants and chic top

If you feel boots, sneakers, and Birkenstock sandals are not for you, you may still have your casual cool street style with pointed shoes. Chic and feminine, pointed shoes whether wedges, flats, or heeled make your outfit a bit edgy without losing the dressy vibe. Like Danielle, wear them with your printed pants and casual chic shirts creating a perfectly juxtaposed outfit. Indeed, creating a casual cool street look is a matter of comfort and a good style.

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