Cute Winged Eyeliner Styles

How to do the Winged Eyeliner Styles
The winged eyeliner styles produces a timeless and sexy look if properly applied. Kohl liner is much simpler to apply as compared to the trickier liquid eyeliner. If you check out the market, you will find a liquid liner applicator, a pen-shaped that already contains the liner and the small pot of the liner with the use of angel brush as an applicator. In making a winged look you can use both the kohl and the liquid liner, but it is recommended that you use liquid line to have a more flawless look. Putting the liner is an easy process, but it takes a steady hand to produce the dramatic look.
In putting the winged eyeliner styles it is best if you apply an eye primer first to make the eyeliner stay longer. It will likewise prevent the sweating or smudging. Using an angled brush or liquid eyeliner pen, line the upper lid. Create a thin line starting at the inner corner part of your eye to the outside corner part of your eye. If possible make the line as near as to your lashes. Position the brush or liner pen in the center part of the eyeliner line and then follow the line up to the outer part of your eye. To produce the wing effect, tilt the eyeliner pencil slightly. There must be a small distance between the line of the first eyeliner and the new wing. Then connect the wing of the outer eye corner, using a liquid liner fill in the gap. In order to prevent the smudging make sure that you keep your hand steady. To thicken the line apply another thin layer of eyeliner on the lining that you have just created from the inner part of the eye to the center part.

Cute winged eyeliner and natural makeup

winged eyeliner

Thick winged eyeliner

thick winged eyeliner

Easy tutorial on how to do winged eyeliner

how to do winged eyeliner

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