Cute Flat Shoes To Try

Flats for Every Lass

Enough with the heels as we are bound to enjoy these cute flat shoes for Spring/Summer 2014. What’s in your shoe shopping list? We hope flats are number for everyday is not a high heel day and our toes and soles deserve a break.

1. Animal Prints. Whether you go zebra, leopard or snakeskin, remember one major thing- don’t wear them from head to toe. Let animal print flats be the center of attraction in your outfit by downplaying the clothes and other accessories.




2. Nautical Style. Great for Spring and Summer, these stripes can bring you a long way from the warm season to the next cold ones. Wear them with a dress, dressy shorts, or anything denim.


3. Vintage T-straps.¬† In plain or print? Your choice, as t-strap shoes still look great either way. Wear them with a cute skirt that doesn’t go way below the knee or pants with a nice skinny¬† fit.


4. Bright Flats. A good way to make an outfit look interesting is to choose bright shoes instead of plain, boring ones. Lighten up as the seasons aren’t going to let you sulk in dullness. Everything that looks happy is a must-have and anything that looks like a product of depression needs to go. Nice for printed dresses and colorful attires.



5. Embellished Flats. Simple but elegant is what we always hear but the phrase really never goes out of style. It’s not just about gem appliques on footwear but others as well like rosettes, buttons, and anything possible.

cuteflatshoestotry6 cuteflatshoestotry10

6. Fluffy flats. Deco are big on shoes this season. Floral embellishments have been common since the previous years but the trend is still going on. These pairs need a not-so-heavy ensemble for clothes as they already make huge statements.


7. Peep-toe Sandals. Now we don’t just see vintage or cute lady;ike styles for peep-toe shoes since the trend has evolved, now involving straps and newer color combinations such as brights and metallics. When buying, peep-toes, make sure they’re making a really nice statement.


8. Pastel Shades. Trying to be cute? look effortless in light candy shades as they are going to make the headlines this season.

cuteflatshoestotry2 cuteflatshoestotry12

9. Bow Pair. For ribbons and bows, be as feminine as you like. Nobody ever got arrested for being too girly.


cuteflatshoestotry9 cuteflatshoestotry11



8. Strappy Flats. Need a new statement for you shoes? Wear something strappy, but not looking over-the-top. Nude shades will do, like this Victoria Beckham pair.