Crop Top And Maxi Skirt Outfit Ideas

To help you shine and sizzle in that crop top and maxi skirt ensemble like the superstar that you are, we’ve curated the best crop top and maxi skirt outfit ideas for you to slay in, whether it is or isn’t summer-because crop tops and maxi skirts play all year round baby, and the skin that you’re in deserves a strut.

1. A tight crop + a loose, flowing maxi skirt = slaaaaay

gorgeous street style maxi skirt crop top inspiration

Don’t fight us on this one, it’s science. Tight fitting crop tops look amazing on loose maxi skirts because it’s all about creating the perfect silhouette. The top tones down the billowing skirt, giving you that sexy hour glass figure instead of something the cat dragged in if you opted to pair a tight crop top with a tight maxi skirt, and vice versa.

Wow in a long-sleeved crop top or sweater ensemble following the same tip and we guarantee you looking absolutely flawless:

gorgeous long sleeved crop top look

2. Monochrome knows best

maxi skirt


Crop top and maxi skirt ensembles look absolutely stunning! You can have them in a solid color, or you can have them in delicate patterns, textures and the like. You can either go monochrome in a solid color, or monochrome in colors with similar or flattering shades like Emma’s gorgeous red carpet look:

classic crop top and maxi skirt combo

Crop top and maxi skirt ideas that have complementary colors would look something like this:

perfect maxi skirt and crop top style



The off-white top and the tan skirt go together wonderfully, as they’re both neutral and warm color schemes. It’s safe to say that clashing colors is definitely a sin.

3. Play with patterns!

maxi skirt and crop top style

Details are everything! Especially when it comes to fashion. Crop tops and maxi skirts in a solid color look ten times more glam when you incorporate textures and patterns into it. The key is to never mix and match a crazy colored and patterned top with another funky colored and patterned maxi skirt. That just spells disaster. If you’re going to wear a top with a pattern, it’s best you stay with a solid colored maxi skirt, and vice versa:

pattern crop top

The contrast of black and white will never go out of style, just like Taylor Swift’s take on the crop top and maxi skirt look. The details on her top and the slit gets her an A+++

-Las Vegas, NV - 04/06/2014 49th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards -PICTURED: Taylor Swift -PHOTO by: Sara De Boer/ -SDL_34188 Editorial - Rights Managed Image - Please contact for licensing fee Startraks Photo New York, NY  For licensing please call 212-414-9464 or email

4. A sexy slit never hurt nobody

cropped top style

The sexy slit has been around to tease and tame men for centuries. Not only do you get to show off your amazing stems in this crop top and maxi skirt outfit curated by the gods, but the slit adds a graceful movement to the skirt, giving you the perfect balance of elegant and sexy. Pair it off with the perfect heels and you’re good to go!

5. Cropped Jackets + tulle skirts? Yes please!

maxi skirt style

This outfit looks like it just came off a Parisian runway. The perfect mix of edgy and delicate, the cropped jacket adds a sense of cool while the tulle skirt downplays the edge to the look by making it look sweet. For the ladies who still want to look amazing without having to bear your tummies, this is the perfect look for you! Experiment with what works for you, and have fun!





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