Colors that Complement Brown Pieces

Black is a timeless and elegant color, yet it can be boring at times. So if you want to say goodbye to your usual black attire, then you ought to try brown. Classic and sophisticated, this hue is a lovely replacement for the usual neutral colors. Create a unique style with brown pieces by wearing them with these complementing colors:


If you want a work-appropriate look that is as stunning as your other get ups, then pair your brown clothes with cream-colored articles. The lightness of cream and darkness of brown will generate a look that’s hard to resist. Case in point: this fringy suede attire of the trendy Olivia Palermo.olivia palermo brown outfit

brown pants and cream blazer cream sweater and brown button-down

Light Blue

Brown and light blue is a match made in fashion heaven. The contrast between the shades makes it a lovely combo for casual cahoots. Take inspiration from Selena Gomez, who looks dashing in a brown coat and a light blue button-down top.

brown top and coat brown pants and light blue top

Army Green

A great way to show your love for nature – erstwhile channeling the military or safari chic look – is to pair your brown pieces with army green items. Just see how Blake Lively managed to pull off this earthy combination.

blake lively outfit green cardigan and brown pants brown jacket and army green pants


Although a brown outfit is a welcome vacation from your usual black clothes, you can still use your fave ebony pieces with a black and brown tandem. The sophistication of both colors creates a sophisticated look for the office and other locations. Get the look by imitating the chic Olivia Palermo, who looks flawless in her brown sweater and black pencil skirt.

brown sweater and black skirt brown coat and black attire black top and brown pants


If you are looking for a unique dark color to pair with brown, then try burgundy. With its brownish undertones, these colors will surely jive with each other. Rock the look ala Taylor Swift, who paired her burgundy pants with a brown blazer.

brown coat and burgundy pants brown top and burgundy pants

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