Color Splash

During winters in London, I used to love sitting on the upper deck of red double-decker buses as they ambled down Oxford Street – I would look up and delight at the twinkling lights in the trees and the Christmas decorations hung above the roads. But then I would look down at the road and see a sea of black coats and it was so incredibly depressing. One of my favorite aspects of South Asian attire is that it is very often colorful; in fact, when Westerners visit South Asia, one of the first things they remark on is the abundance of brightly-colored outfits.

Although I am not yet bold enough to wear bright blue trousers with a fuschia top (despite how fantastic Dusk looks in this combination), I find it easier to wear bright colors from head to toe when I’m wearing a salwar kameez. I was even so audacious as to pose in front of the orange curtains, creating a definite color clash, although afterwards I noticed that they had an odd effect on my skin tone.



Lovely arm accessory in the form of a bandaid from a very painful vaccine I had a few days ago.



Wearing my hair up – an unusual occurrence because my layers usually fall out within seconds!



Oddly, when it comes to skirts/tops/trousers/dresses and all things Western-clothing related, I am concerned with fit and shape, but I am able to overlook figure-flattering aspects when it comes to the salwar kameez; for example, the top (kameez) flares out at the hips, which is a shape I would normally avoid with a dress. Do you find you are more daring – in terms of color and fit, perhaps – with certain types of clothing?

IMG_3542 copy






I love intricate detailing – this kameez seems sort of like a patchwork of many types of designs and colors.



Custom-made salwar kameez worn with ‘Delovely’ Stuart Weitzman heels, 

Oasis ring, Swarovski bracelet & Make Up Store lipstick in Mandy

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