Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter One Hour Tan Mousse Review

Me and fake tan go through a love/hate relationship. Sometimes, I use it all the time and keep my tan nice and fresh, and other times I just cannot be bothered with it. I think after you’ve had a few bad experiences with it you get put off, I know I went out before and hadn’t really gone down the right application route and to cut a long story short, it rained and my tan went streaky and horrible.

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter One Hour Tan Mousse

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter One Hour Tan Mousse review

This tan is called Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan which is a mousse. I’ve only ever used mousse tans so this wasn’t new to me. What was new was that I’ve only ever used instant tans which develop pretty much as soon as they are on your skin. I love that this only takes one hour to develop before washing it off as it will be perfect for those days when I’m in a rush.

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter One Hour Tan Mousse-b4 application

Before applying the tan, I used the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff, which is great for preparing your skin for the tan, especially if you have a build of tan already on your body. It’s also great for those areas such as your elbows and knees where it can become a little uneven. It makes your skin silky smooth and ready for the Cocoa Brown tan. This was easy to apply and my skin definitely did feel smooth after using it!

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter One Hour Tan Mousse-after application

One thing I hate about tanning is the whole shaving your legs thing. Whenever I use tan I always shave my legs the day before tanning so that my pores close up and to prevent those dark patches which look horrible! I can normally see a few uneven and dark patches when doing this but I was impressed because with Cocoa Brown you don’t see them!
The tan lasted a good three days before I washed it off completely which I thought was pretty good. I  love the colour of it too. I’m not a lover of the whole “Essex” look and this tan is far from it. There also isn’t a horrible smell to it – it’s kind of a floral scent that eventually fades so its odourless.
I used the tanning mitt that was included in the set to help me get an even tan all over which was easy to use and left no patches. I overall really like this tan and will definitely be repurchasing because I most like that it only takes an hour to develop and the lasting power of it. It costs £7.99 and can be found in Primark, Superdrug and Boots (just to name a few places!).


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