This summer we had jeggings; now it’s coatigans (coat + cardigan)! The fash pack definitely keep us on our toes with all of these newly-coined words. I know the terms can be silly sometimes, but the concepts most certainly aren’t!




I’ve been wanting a long, thick cardigan for ages because they’re so versatile and comfortable. Last month I got one from French Connection that I wear all the time (but mostly around the house on top of pjs, which is why I haven’t featured it here!) – it’s comfortable, but quite plain.
The other day, I went for a walk to take a break from my studies and ended up on Oxford Street (how on earth did thathappen?!) I haven’t been high street shopping for a while and am actually quite tired of it at the moment. I much prefer boutiques and smaller shops – they have more limited selections, but you don’t end up wearing or buying the exact same thing that everyone else seems to have. We ended up in a small boutique off Oxford Street which has great items – often samples – for reasonable prices.
My mum says I have an eye for coats, which is strange, because I grew up in a hot country where coats weren’t required and I think it’s really difficult to find a flattering, pretty coat! But I think it’s important to have outerwear that you love, because, as Claire once told me, if you live in a colder place like London, it’s what most people see you wearing much of the time.
Whatever the reason, I was drawn to this ‘coatigan’ and wore it for a quick lunch and walk (before it started raining and we raced home). It’s so comfortable, and is perfect for transitional weather. I can see myself wearing it a lot this season! I think it would be great to layer under a coat for when the weather gets bitterly cold, don’t you think?
Do you like that flower arrangement on the table?
Mum made it in her flower-decorating class!
Orchids and roses.
Wearing no-label coatigan
Massimo Dutti sweater dress
No-label liquid leggings
Beverly Feldman wedges
Juicy Couture patent handbag
Revlon One Perfect Coral nailpolish
Oh! And here’s a bonus picture of my mum and I. We both wore a variation of a white sweaterdress + leggings (it wasn’t on purpose, I promise!) 
I love her gold brogues. As you can see, I had switched into flats because we were going for a walk and those wedges arereally uncomfortable.
Would you wear a coatigan? Do you already have one? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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