Clothes that Will Take You from Desk to Dinner Instantly

Girl power is everything today and while nothing beats the feeling of having a career and being independent, it’s no secret that juggling a lot of things can be stressful as well. Sometimes, when you’re exhausted after a long day at work, a nice and romantic dinner with your man is a great way to cap the day off but you wouldn’t want to show up at your date looking like you literally raced from the office to the resto, now, would you? You want to look chic, stylish and cute but sometimes even that can be a stressful thing to do. The secret to looking fab from morning to night is this: clothes that will take you from desk to dinner instantly. Creating outfits that require little to no tweaking to go from day to night is important if you want to look as good all day long. Check out these tips down below.

  • JUMP INTO A JUMPSUIT – a jumpsuit is your best bet if you’re looking for an outfit that’s quick, easy and able to take you from day to night in a jiffy. Slip into one, throw a blazer on top, get your accessories on and slip into a pair of heels and you’re set for the day. You can take off your blazer later on after office hours or you can keep it on if you’re going for a posh and polished look. Now, all you have to do to get ready for your date is to touch up your hair and makeup.

black and nude jumpsuit

hot pink jumpsuit printed jumpsuit white jumpsuit red jumpsuit gold belt

  • CROP TOP AND SKIRT SET – a matching crop top and skirt set is your best friend when it comes to dressing from day to night. Cover up all the bases during the day with a jacket or a blazer and take it off at night before you head off to your date – that’s all you need to do. What’s more is that this won’t only take you from desk to dinner but from dinner to the dance floor as well. Pretty easy, huh?

blazer and crop top leather pencil skirt and crop topwhite crop top and skirt set matching set with blazer midi skirt and striped crop top

  • SLIP INTO A SHIFT DRESS – another really easy way to dress for the office and for a date later on is to wear a simple shift dress. This is a foolproof way to go from desk to dinner in an instant, even a noob would be able to pull this off. If you know you’re headed somewhere rather fancy, this is the best and easiest way to go.

peach shift dress pink shift dress sophisticated shift dress trumpet shift dress

  • THROW ON A MINI DRESS – a mini dress at work? Yes, you can wear that. Just make sure you cover up a little bit more by wearing really opaque tights or a pair of leggings underneath. This will make your look more office-appropriate. Later on, before you head out of the office, take a quick trip to the powder room, take those tights / leggings off and stash them away into your purse to reveal those sexy, slender legs that will leave your date speechless.

patterned knit mini dressleather mini dress and tights houndstooth mini dress outfit white minidress

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