Claire Geist: Eclectic Fashion Style

Fashion showcases creativity, individualism, and confidence through your personal style. Having an eclectic style means that you can pull together random pieces of clothing that seem not so great when worn together, but when you put them on, you created a stand out overall look. And, you don’t even have to go shopping to achieve an eclectic style. Most of them are already in your own wardrobe. And a little inspiration is all you need.

The mind behind De Lune blog, Claire Geist is known for her eclectic, playful, and cool personal style. She’s always feel gravitated to wear something unique, eclectic and incorporates some manual work with her clothes such as unusual knots, buttons, cuffs, and asymmetrical touches. As we can see, Claire’s outfits are simple and not exclusive of designer items but she makes some twist to add a bit of personality and playfulness to her simple style. Let’s learn some of her tricks to revamp our style.

asymmetrical top

blouse scarf top blazer overall

Begin by exploring your wardrobe for some basic pieces such as a button-down blouse, overalls, denim jeans, coats, scarves, chiffon blouses, plain shirt, knit sweater, plaid skirt, and such. Be creative and eclectic to try things out and look what works best. Like Claire, she creatively matched different tops to her denim overalls such as asymmetrical striped shirt, long sleeves chiffon blouse and paired it with a red scarf, and blazer on top of her overall. As you can see, these are unusual but stylish and cool style you may try.

cardigan knot scarf knot shoelace knot skirt tie side skirt knot

If you like, you may do some manual work like unconventional tuck in, cuffs, and knots in your ensemble. As we can see in Claire’s photographs, she made a simple knot to her neutral colored cardigan for an artificial asymmetrical style. She creatively tied a red scarf on her chest for a pop of color and texture. Her white shoes that supposed to be tied in a classic way were fastened into a lace up style. Also she manually created some twist on her skirt by tying it on the side instead of using zippers, and made a draped knot creating an asymmetrical hemline. It’s a simple trick you can use to style whatever you pull out of your closet. Place the knot off to one side and show off some thigh then you’re ready to go.

classic block heels socks men shoes and socks purple shoes socks red boots socks sandals and socks socks school

Though wearing socks with sandals are breaking the fashion rules, Claire flaunts her socks intentionally to create a laid-back style. She wears white or black socks with classic shoes with block heels, oxfords, purple ballet flat shoes, red ankle boots, and even black school shoes. Keep things plain to look cool and versatile like pairing socks with sandals for a vintage, eclectic, and retro look.

asymmetrical tuck in asymmetrical layering asymmetrical denim skirt asymmetrical blouse

Also, Claire is fond of layering basic pieces such as sweaters, blazers, jeans, and cardigan. But the most notable in her tricks as she always gives an asymmetrical style like half buttoning the blazer and leaving one side tucked out and the other side tucked into her denim jeans. Also, she wears asymmetrical blouse leaving its hemline peeking even she topped it off with a sweater or shirt.

There’s a fine line between the eclectic fashion style and fashion faux pas, so be sure not to pass through it. Once you’re finished putting together your eclectic look and embraced the fun experimenting with your clothes, be brave and cool to show off your fashion style on the streets.


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