Chic Ways to Wear Tangerine-Colored Clothing

Since tangerine or orange symbolizes vitality, it’s a color that can add zing to many an outfit, but it also tends to be outlandish in nature and a color you don’t want to get wrong. However, if you learn how to wear tangerine, you can add a fresh and vibrant attitude to your style enhancing your skin with a glamorous radiance. Keep on reading for some chic ways to wear tangerine in your style.

tangeringe heels with cute outfit

tangerine fur scarf

If you are not used to wearing bright tones like this, but you want to wear an exciting color for your street looks, just try to add a hint of orange through your accessories. Think of bags, scarves, sunglasses, headbands, jewelry, bags, shoes and such that can instantly bring a playful and quirky personality on your looks. Depending on how sophisticated your accessories are, you can even make your look chic. When you feel more confident about this playful yet statement color, you can go for tangerine-colored clothing to shine on the streets.

bold tangerine coat with pants cute dress with nude heels pastel orange pants with casual top tangerine striped top with scarf

Exotic coral shades, bright tangerines, and vibrant orange colors have all lined up on the runways this season. Tangerine is indeed a nice and fun shade that brings accent to your neutral outfits and makes you stand out from the crowd. But, before picking yours, know first the best tangerine shade that works for you. It can wonderfully flatter your features but if your skin is pale, you better stay away from wearing this statement color close to your face as you may look washed out and even more pale. If you have a fair skin tone, use tangerine as a flattering accent color or go for lighter, less vibrant, creamy shades. On the other hand, women with brown hair and olive complexion are very lucky because every shade of orange works really well with their skin tone, especially those warmer, tropical, vibrant hues. Always remember that if your face gets a great highlight, then orange color will look amazing on you. But if it looks even more fair and dull, better opt for a more advantageous shade.

tangerine sweater with gray skirt tangerine skirt with white top tangerine top with white pants tangerine pants withh chic top tangerine dress with heels tangerine shorts with dressy top

You can make the playful color look chic by teaming them with neutrals and more sophisticated ensembles. Neutral shades such as gray, khaki, white, brown, or black looks great to balance the boldness of tangerine. Think of feminine blouses, sexy tops, dress pants, skirts, and even dress that you can wear on any casual and formal occasions. Just finish your looks with chic accessories like chic belts, stylish shoes or handbags, fashionable headbands, statement jewelry o add some feminine and polished vibe to your street looks. When you choose to wear tangerine shades, always go for a natural makeup and avoid striking colors like red or plum lips and rainbow colored eye shadow.

casual outfit with tangerine sweater casual chic outfit with tangerine coat tangerine shorts with neutral outfit tangerine button down shirt with jeans

You can even make tangerine shades casual as you like. Team them with overalls, denim jeans, denim shorts, basic tee, tank top and such. You can even wear orange with blue, but make them look intentional to stay fashionable and creative.

neon tangerine top with striped skirt tangerine and brown fur coat nude top with tribal skirt tangerine maxi dress

Also, for a more subtle look, you can wear orange in prints or just a hint of shade in your ombre clothing. If you want some playful and quirky look, you can wear a neon or light tangerine top and pair it with printed skirts with lively colors in its prints. For a more vintage style, you can go for vintage-inspired prints and wear them with earth tones shades like nude, brown, tan, beige and such. Or, you can make a tangerine-colored maxi dress chic by wearing heels.

tangerine pants with leather jacket tangerine patent skirt with sweater tangerine leather jacket with casual outfit

Add some edge to your playful look by adding anything leather. Or, if you feel more adventurous, go for leather ensembles in tangerine shades like a leather jacket, leather vest, patent leather skirt, leather trousers and such.

Tangerine shade is full of life and also has plenty of great tones that you can choose from. When wearing tangerine in your style, don’t let your clothes get over you and attract more attention than your natural beauty. Always look wonderful, great, and chic with tangerine shades.

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