Chic Ways to Wear Suede

Suede isn’t something that’s very easy to wear but if you know how to wear it and what to wear it with, you can pull it off. These past few months, suede has been on trend and if you’re looking for something new to add to your wardrobe and change things up a little, why not try adding something suede? Not sure how? Check out these chic ways to wear suede.

  • MIX AND MATCH – one really easy way to sneak some suede into your look is to mix and match it with other pieces that have other textures. This is a great styling trick to do when you’re doing a monochromatic look to keep the outfit from being boring or just when you want something more interesting and detailed for the day.

texture play with suede

texture play suede with knits texture play leather and suede

  • SUEDE SHOES – suede has always been a popular fabric for shoes, especially boots, so if you don’t already have one, go ahead and get a pair. Suede shoes are great for keeping your feet dry and warm during a cold winter day. If you already have enough boots in your wardrobe, you can always get suede shoes in other styles. Suede is great on loafers and a bunch of other styles, too.

brown suede loafers suede heels in purple suede shoes suede fringe sandals suede otk boots

  • SUEDE SKIRT – we all love a good skirt on days when we want to look extra girly and ultra chic but have you ever considered wearing a suede one? It’s a great alternative to your usual skirt as it adds more interesting texture to the outfit. Suede also makes great material if you’re looking for a little more structure in your skirt as it tends to hold its shape better than softer fabric like cotton.

fringe skirt in suede skirt and crop top skirt and sweater outfit

  • SUEDE OUTERWEAR – if you’re looking for an alternative to your everyday denim jacket, why not try a suede one? It gives the same casual look and feel to your look but still looks really stylish and feels amply warm, too. You can also go for a suede jacket if you want something a little less casual.

fringe suede jacket green suede skirt jacket and jeans red suede jacket

  • SUEDE ACCESSORIES – you know what else suede is great for? Accessories. And, if you’re a crafty gal, you can even make your own accessories with a yard or two of the thing. Tassel earrings, bracelets, statement bib necklaces – these are just some of the things you can do with a little bit of suede and some crafting supplies. Of course, you can also try perusing the racks at your favorite boutique for other pretty accessories made of suede.

necklace in suede suede and leather bag earrings in orange suede

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