Chic Ways to Wear Ruffles

Like a double edged sword, ruffles can be a friend or a foe. When worn right, these can add that nice and dainty, girly touch to your look but when worn wrong, this can make you look chunkier and bulkier and this that is never flattering on anyone ever. Of course, just as with any other fabric, trend or style, there is always a workaround for this tricky thing. If you love the look of ruffles but aren’t sure how you can wear them and look fab, check out these tips for chic ways to wear ruffles.

  • WEAR IT MINIMALLY – as cute and girly as they may look, try not to get tempted into being decked out in ruffles from head to foot. You’ll want to make sure that you’re wearing your ruffles minimally so that you end up with an outfit that’s chic and stylish. Overdoing it will make your outfit look tacky and cheap.

neckline with ruffles

ruffled skirt

  • WEAR IT SUBTLY – ruffles don’t have to be in your face to add that softness and feminine touch to your look. in fact, the subtler the ruffle details are, the better the effect is going to be on your outfit. Soft and subtle ruffles never fail to give that gentle touch to any look which is perfect if you’re someone who likes to embrace their girly side.

chic outfit with ruffles striped dress with ruffles

  • WEAR IT ON AN AREA THAT NEED ENHANCING – got a small bust? Make it look a little bigger and fuller by choosing tops or dresses with ruffles on that area. The ruffles will help add volume to enhance whatever it is that needs enhancing. You can also do the same to other areas that you want to appear bigger or areas that need enhancement size-wise. With that said, I’d also like to remind you to avoid wearing ruffles on areas that you don’t want emphasized.

minimal ruffles top with ruffles

  • WEAR IT BIG – a few big ruffles will look better and more ladylike compared to a lot of the little ones so unless you’re dressing up to match your toddler, opt for the bigger one. This will also ensure you that the ruffled details on your dress / top won’t compete for focus and attention with your jewelry, should you be wearing any as well.

peplum ruffles asymmetrical neckline with ruffles

  • WEAR IT CLEAN – as much as possible, try not to wear ruffles on printed clothes. Florals and ruffles together scream tropical vacation while denim and ruffles make for the perfect country singer look and if you’re not aspiring for any of those looks, it’s better to steer clear of these combos. Instead, choose to wear ruffles with plain colors and clean and simple lines to create a look that’s chic and sophisticated.

big ruffles on skirt skirt ruffles

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