Chic Ways to Wear Poncho

Though sweaters, jackets, and hoodies are one of the common layers we throw into when the temperature start to drop, the poncho is another cool and stylish trick to keep you warm but still trendy. Inspired by the traditional South American poncho, the current poncho incarnation has much more of a cape feel that is perfect for a street style outfit. If you’re looking for chic ways to wear a poncho on your street looks, keep on scrolling to scoop some tricks.

abstract print poncho

Traditionally worn by men and women and often has designs indicative of wealth, status, and familial associations, ponchos were later incorporated into many military uniforms till it was incorporated as a fashion staple in the early 2000s which testifies the practicality of this garment. Before plunging on the poncho trend, you may wish to explore different poncho styles that are perfect for you.

chic poncho with knee high boots emerald green poncho with dressy pants oversized poncho with boots

Ponchos work with nearly everything in one’s wardrobe. Some ponchos are tailored for a chic style that is suited for formal occasions and professional attire. Some are more bohemian, coming in chunky knits, colorful patterns, and sometimes featuring tassels and fringe. Still, others are heavily inspired by their heritage, coming in thick wool with historical Aztec prints. Also, there are down-filled puffy ponchos that are great for a sporty alternative.

crew neck poncho with jeans black poncho with bermuda shorts V-neck poncho with jeans

Aside from styles, poncho comes in stylish necklines so pick one that is flattering for you. Necklines such as cowl neck, turtleneck, V-neck, scoop-neck, crew-neck, and boat neck create focus by framing the face and upper body. Boat necks and crew necks tend to make the chest and shoulders look wider that are perfect for women who have narrower shoulders and a small bust. On the contrary, V-necks are especially good for women with broad shoulders or a large bust, as they have a slimming effect. Generally, cowl necks, scoop necks, and V-necks are virtually flattering, except for longer necks. If you have a longer neck, go for a turtleneck that has a shortening effect through the neck and face. While many ponchos are just pulled on over the head, there is still a range of other closure types like zippers, buttons, buckles, or toggles that add a contemporary or classic touch to your looks.

leggings and gray poncho knitted poncho with sneakersV-neck poncho with jeans

Choose a poncho to fit your frame not too small that it looks fitted or too big that you look like you’re drowning in it. Women who want to elongate their frame should opt for ponchos that fall no lower than two centimeters above the knee. Petite women should beware of long ponchos as they can be very dramatic, and overwhelm petite frames. When intentionally wearing oversized ponchos, just remember to keep the silhouette balance to pull it off.

knitted poncho with knee high boots oversized poncho with ripped denim jeans poncho with skinny pants

Speaking of balancing out your silhouette, choose bottoms that have a slim fit to balance out your top-heavy silhouette when wearing a poncho. Slim-fitting trousers, skinny jeans, leggings, pencil skirts, and slim-fitting miniskirts with knee-high boots, ankle boots, and high heels are good footwear matches that add some chic vibe to your looks.

artistic poncho with leather boots floral poncho with sandals tartan poncho

Many stylists recommend dressing the poncho monochromatically, particularly all in black though neutral tones like camel, beige, gray, khaki, olive green, or burgundy are likely to match nearly everything in one’s wardrobe. You may also choose an interesting print to keep your outfit looking exceptional. Plaids, Aztec designs, and subtle patterns all work well, provided the color is subtle and the print is not too large. If wearing a patterned poncho, keep the rest of the style simple.

plaid poncho with belt black poncho with jeans

Because the poncho calls a lot of attention to itself, don’t overload on accessories. If chunky jewelry is a preference, it should be limited to rings or bracelets. Satchels or clutch purses are a better option than shoulder and sling bags. For a stylish and functional accessory, wear a belt to get a shapely silhouette instead of a chunky, baggy and ill-formed one.



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