Chic Ways to Wear Birkenstock Sandals for Summer

Chunky, creepy, and masculine, Birkenstock sandals are one of the fashion trends in the ’90s rising up this summer because of its comfort and quality. But remember, there is a fine line between “I am a cool woman wearing comfortable sandals and looking great” and “I am an old tourist.” They’re comfortable and perfect for summer though you don’t want to look sloppy in wearing them. So, if you like to sport them without losing your sartorial credibility, then keep on scrolling to get some inspiration on wearing them stylishly.

Some Birkenstock sandals like two-strap or thong style come in different widths. So, if you got some narrow feet, you’ll need a narrow fit of Birkenstock sandals to avoid looking bulky and look good on you. The Birkenstock sandal foot bed is composed of cork that molds to the shape of your feet and is also great for your posture and comfort.

black maxi dress

cutout dress leather dress

Birkenstock sandals literally scream casual so it’s best to keep things minimal just like wearing a solid colored dress in a neutral tone. Birkenstock sandals teamed with dresses give a more casual cool look compared to wearing ballet flats or other sandals. This outfit combination is great for balancing femininity and casualness that’s perfect for summer season.

blue patent leather skirt skirt in birkenstock red and white matching separated dressy shorts white crop top

Feel free to wear skirts in earth tones, abstract prints, natural fabrics, patent leather, lace, and such. Balance the look with something edgy, classic, sophisticated, urban, polished accessory like sunglasses. Or if you’re just comfortable without wearing an accessory, that great as you’re making the Birkenstock sandals make its own statement. For a sexy and edgy look, pull off your favorite leather shorts and Birkenstock sandals will all do the trick to keep your outfit from getting preppy. You may simply wear a loose tank top with your leather shorts to keep your style edgy at the same time laid-back and casual.

adidas shirt oversized sweater

For an athletic inspired spin to your style, you may wear some slogan shirts, oversized sweaters, jerseys, and a classic pair of Birkenstock sandals. Just keep your color palette neutral to nail the athletic cool girl style.

denim overall white overalls

You may hit two summer trends at once by wearing Birkenstock sandals with overalls. The key here is to keep it loose and casual, such as wearing a loose or fitted crop top or a striped shirt underneath your overall to feel the summer vibe on your outfit.

ripped black jeans white ripped jeans

Distressed denim jeans are perfect for Birkenstock sandals as it elevates your casual outfit. For a classic way of styling your Birkenstock sandals, cuff your jeans. Simple jewelry like a watch and a gold bracelet are fashionable as well as oversized top and a crop top to pair with your distressed jeans.

dressy pants in white blazer black jumpsuit

Dressy pants and jumpsuits are a great match with Birkenstock sandals too. Just pick the more elegant fabric, styles, and solid color to keep them classic but casual. If you are wearing dressy pants, be careful of the length. If it’s too long, they’ll just brush on the ground, hide your Birkenstock sandals, and all sophistication is lost.

When wearing Birkenstock sandals, always wear something that makes you look great and feels sophisticated. So you are always put together and comfortable in walking the streets this summer.


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