Chic Ways to Wear a Bow Tie

Often, when we hear the words ‘bow tie’ we think of an accessory added to men’s outfits to make them look more stylish and dapper. Did you know, though, that bow ties are not just limited and exclusive for men? If you’re an adventurous stylephile, you may have already tried wearing a bow tie despite not being a guy. If not, you really have to get on it. Check out these chic ways to wear a bow tie.

  • CLASSIC WITH A SUIT – you know how suits have been such a big trend for ladies these past few years? Well, why not crank it up a notch and really get into it by adding a bow tie to your suit? It’s a great alternative look that you can rock to black tie parties if you don’t feel like getting glammed up in a super glitzy gown or anything like that or it could simply be your way of being more posh than your usual everyday street style kind of gal. If you don’t want anything too formal, you can always ditch the trousers that come with the suit and wear shorts instead.

classic bow tie with suit and coat

classic tux with bow tie by zendaya

  • FUN AND FUNKY IN COLOR AND PRINT – guys often like to keep it simple with a black bow tie but if you’re looking for a way to incorporate this menswear inspired accessory into your fun and girly outfit, opt for one that’s beaming with color instead. Opt for a vibrant hue or a fun and funky print pattern on your bow tie to help it blend seamlessly into your look.

cute white and gray striped bow tie cute printed bow tie cute checkered bow

  • BOW TIE CHOKER / NECKLACE – if you find an actual bow tie too formal for your signature relaxed casual look or if you simply want something a little more laidback to go with a street style outfit, you can incorporate a bow tie and use it as a choker or a necklace instead. This would even make a fun and easy DIY accessory for those of you out there who are always looking for something fashionable to craft.

choker necklace style bow tie

choker bow tie

  • HIPSTER STYLE – one easy way to wear a bow tie is to don a hipster inspired outfit. Hipsters always know how to achieve the perfect balance between dapper and cool which is why a bow tie blends in so seamlessly with this style. Just put on a crisp shirt, layer it with a vest, throw in a bow tie and you’re good to go.

hipster inspired outfit with bow tie hipster outfit for fall and winter hipster outfit with bow tie

  • PUSSY BOW – if you’re looking for a more feminine alternative to a traditional bow tie, you can opt for a pussy bow instead.

pussy bow on lace dress pussy bow on white shirt and plaid skirt pussy bow and dress

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