Chic ways to Make Overalls Look Sexy

Overalls are a fun blast from the past. These babies from the 90s are awesome for creating a solid utilitarian look but did you know that you can totally rock these and look sexy as well? Of course, to make that possible, you’ll want to veer away from that look you used to sport back in middle school and do something a little more updated instead. Here are some chic ways to make overalls look sexy. Check them out for inspiration.

  • FIND A GOOD FIT – overalls are usually worn baggy and loose but if you’re aiming for a sexy chic look, forego the usual and go for something a little more figure hugging instead. This will help show off your natural curves instead of conceal them, giving you that subtly sexy look. If you’re finding this difficult to do with denims then go for another kind of fabric that stretches better and hugs your skin better like cotton or jersey.

fitted overalls

fitted button down overalls

  • WEAR IT IN LEATHER – leather never fails to give off that posh, edgy, sexy vibe on any outfit so if you’re looking for a way to look sexy in overalls without baring too much skin, opting for a leather piece might just be what you need to get the job done. Add one or two more leather pieces to the look, be it as a part of the outfit or an accent or accessory, so you can really go all out on committing to the sexy part of the look.

leather overalls in black leather overalls super sexy

  • SHOW SOME SKIN – the overalls we wore from back in the 90s almost always had pants at the bottom part and if that isn’t cutting it for you and the sexy look you have in mind, you can always choose to wear skirt or shorts overalls instead. These are perfect for showing off a bit more skin, especially on the legs and it’s a great summer look to wear as well.

sexy shorts overalls sexy skirt overalls sexy white shorts overalls

  • DITCH THE TEE – going back to how you wore your overalls in 90s, I’m pretty sure a plain white shirt is what was underneath those dungarees. And while there’s nothing wrong with that and you definitely can still rock that look today, it’s just not sexy enough. To add some more of that sexy look to your outfit, ditch the shirt and wear something else underneath like a tank top, a crop top or even just a bralette. It’s a great way to stay cool on a hot summer day, too.

bikini bra and overalls corset style top under overalls crop top and overalls

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