Chic Sweaters to Cozy Up In

If you’re like most girls, you’ve probably already gotten rid of most of your summer clothes and filled your closet with your fall wardrobe and if there’s one thing one can never be without for fall, it’s a sweater. A sweater is the perfect piece to reach for during fall. There are thin sweaters that can be used either for transitioning from summer to fall or as a layering piece then there are also heavier and thicker sweaters that are perfect for the latter part of fall as well as for winter. In case you’re still on the lookout for pieces to add to your wardrobe, check out these chic sweaters to cozy up in.

  • Fluffy sweater – if you need something to motivate you to get up during a ‘bed weather’ kind of day, looking forward to wearing that gorgeous and luxurious fluffy sweater always helps. Fluffy sweaters can lean more towards the chunky side, though, so you might want to consider that when choosing a bottom piece to go with it. Skinny jeans and leggings are great if you want a casual look while a pencil skirt would really give it that sexy polished look that’s perfect for the office.

fuzzy fluffy sweater

luxe white fluffy sweater black fluffy sweater

  • Cable knit sweater – cable knitted sweaters have a more ornate design. These are perfect for when you just want to put together an outfit that’s simple yet not too plain and boring. Cable knit sweaters are often on the chunkier and heavier side, too, which means that they’re warmer and so they’re great for really cold days. They go with just about anything and can be worn on either on their own or on top of another piece.

comfy white cable knit sweater gray cable knit sweater green cable knit sweater

  • Oversized sweater – somehow, today, fashionistas have made looking slouchy look so chic and so cool and one of the best ways to get the look is to wear an oversized sweater. Of course, the key to not looking just downright slouchy and sloppy is to keep the rest of your outfit polished. If you’re looking for an easy outfit for a lazy day, just throw on your oversized sweater, wear it like a dress and get your boots on and you’re ready to go. If it’s too cold, simply slip a pair of tights or leggings on and you’re covered.

brown oversized sweater oversized sweater outfit purple oversized sweater and white boots

  • Cocoon sweater – a cocoon sweater is pretty much like a kimono cardigan but thicker, chunkier and warmer. It’s often oversized and has no buttons for closure but you can easily wrap it around your body for extra warmth or belt it in to keep it tucked and secure. You can wear a cocoon sweater on top of just about any outfit you’re wearing for the day – be it a dress or a shirt and jeans kind of outfit.

cocoon sweater outfit cocoon sweater stripes gray cocoon sweater

  • Bright colored sweater – could there be any more fun way to bring cheer to a gloomy fall day than to wear a cute sweater in a bright color? Sure, fall is a season where you’re supposed to enjoy the darker, richer and warmer hues but, hey, a bit of bright color every now and then can’t hurt, right?

bright sweater and scarf outfit bright yellow sweater red sweater for fall

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