Chiara Ferragni: Fashion and Style for Summer

Looking for inspiration to revamp your style this summer? Let’s have a look at summer style of Chiara Ferragni, one of the most influential personalities in the fashion world.

In 2009, the Italian blogger launched her blog, where she gives a manual full of style tips, a bunch of advice to be effortlessly chic, and an everyday inspiration that every reader craves. Chiara has a perfect and expressive style ‑ makes every outfit look chic ‑ that made her the favorite 21st-century fashion style icon. The Blonde Salad is a genuine source of creativity and style for millions of people in Italy and around the world.

Ferragni isn’t just a successful fashion blogger, but she is also the creative director of a prosperous shoe collection, a law student, a designer, a magazine cover icon, and she is flying all around the world to collaborate with leading Fashion Houses.

Chiara Ferragni’s style can make every outfit look chic, effortless and fresh that make you want to wear it. This summer, there’s a lot of Chiara Ferragni inspired summer style to take inspirations from.

Women love flowers. It is no secret that floral prints have been in fashion for hundreds of years. Romantic, conceptual, trendy, vintage, or contemporary, floral prints ‑ one of Chiara’s favorites – adds femininity to your style.
CHIARA FERRAGNI summer style

CHIARA FERRAGNI flower dress

Chiara is used to add a touch of femininity by wearing bright hues. Have your pick whether you like one color head to toe or combination of vivid colors, yet soft and feminine.
bright color and polka dotsbright pink top and skirt CHIARA FERRAGNI bright red outfit

Love your sneakers this summer! Play with different styles by mixing sporty pieces with fun or rock it with a dress like Chiara. We observe her being dressed in elegant dresses with sneakers many times and she rocks this trend every time.
CHIARA FERRAGNI summer fashion sneakers  and shorts

Play with colors and textures. Colors can really make your outfit look unique and fancy. Whether you would like to dress yourself in an outfit all in one color or do some color blocking, it is great. That is something that Chiara does in every of her outfits and they always look so stylish, and fresh.
military texture dress CHIARA FERRAGNI look

Express a cool and playful vibe with chunky footwear such as sandals, wedges, and boots. If you’d like to give up your high heel sandals, but can’t do without the extra inches, they are the answer. Opt for those with interesting shapes and textures, like wood, cork or leather. This time, you won’t have to suffer to look good!
skinny jeans and wedges chunky heels and floral dress

Accessories make the outfit chic. Fashion is fun. It’s all about playing with your clothes and accessories, and playing with your looks. A single item can change the whole look. Grab for a fancy bag or any piece of your summer accessories, like stacked rings or bangles that can make your casual outfit look fashionable. You can create your summer fashion by trying unique things, playing with your looks, just like Chiara does.
black lace and gold accessories

Want a sportive-cool and casual-chic style? Grab a jumpsuit! Absolutely, the jumpsuit is a fine piece of your collection that makes your life simple and gives you tons of personality and comfort. This summer, the jumpsuit is made for all kinds of style and silhouette.
denim jumpsuit  and crop top Denim Skirt Jumpsuit  with top

Be summer ready with hats. Indeed, summer is the perfect time to look good in hats. Opt for a hat that is both chic and functional. Chiara always gives a lift on her outfits with hats.

black and white lace dress with hat

In summer, the world’s greatest fashion icons are keeping it playful, unique and edgy. But that doesn’t mean they’ve lost many of their signature styles we’ve grown so accustomed to seeing them, instead, they’ve turned it up a notch. Chiara Ferragni is always switching her styles. But you can see her individuality, confidence and expressiveness in every outfit she wears. It’s fun to be dressed up this summer. Be yourself. Be one of a kind. Be a style chameleon this summer!

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