Celebs With Crazy Colorful Hair

Crazy But gorgeous Shocking Hair Colors On Celebrities

Who would have thought colorful hair would be such a cool trend? We’re giving you ideas and inspiration to conside if you’re thinking about finally donning colorful dye on you lovely heads. We found top celebrities who really got their crowns some minutes and hours and days of fame. Here’s the list of these gutsy stars with their bright hair looks:

1. Lady Gaga. Her ARTPOP album may be a flop but what do you think about her hair? Of course, she doesn’t look weird at all as Gaga is always expected to put on something different. It’s devastating news to hear that the album’s launch didn’t do so well. However, she plans to re-launch it just as she mnust be planning to do her hair over and over again- green, blue, and what else?





2. Alice Glass gets away with space-inspired purple bob as she does look simple and classy in this minimalist style. One way to know if you’re looking geat in this color is to get the right shade.


3. Kerli ties going blue and she definitely looks so modern and laid-back. Tip-dye days are ovr as Kate Bosworth did it once and so did a few other celebs. this time, they’re wearing crazy colorful hair all over their heads. Tip? try not wearing blue lipstick with blue hair and opt for pink just like Kerli did in this photo.

KERLI at 2012 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas

3. Christina Aguilera does not only rock hr musical talent but her gorgeous colored locks as well. As a judge in the voice, she doesn’t only gt to decide who stays and who goes along with other judges but she’s also a celeb who has got to change her image once in a while. Did she just go with the flow on having ink locks?




4. One of the celebs who eally look awesome in anything is Katy Perry, who, like Gaga, has been changing hair colors from time to time.




5. Kesha flaunts a rainbow on her pretty head and looks absolutely Tik Tok fabulous.



5.. Who says only the ladies can get their hair colored like outerspace? Zuma Rossdale has streaks of blue and green. Mom has some pink on hers.


6. Willow Smith is such a gorgeous young lady with changing hair colors. We’ve seen her in yellow and blue, but pink is so feminine which might also be perfect for you.




7. Would you love to ombre your hair in rainbow streaks like Lauren Conrad? These colors are non-natural so you can just pick whatever you like.