Celebrity Signature Styles to Try

There are celebrity signature styles we can’t get enough of. Be just like them – and maybe incorporate some personal zest along the way – by investing in their trademark garments and pieces.

Kate Moss: Menswear-Inspired Pieces

Model celebrity signature styles dominate this list, and it comes as no surprise why. Fashion muses, such as Kate Moss, know how to look good – even when they are off the runway. A catwalk veteran, Kate Moss has been (and continues to be) the darling of many designers. And when she’s not strutting their collections, she is often seen in menswear-inspired pieces. Like Kate, you can get the model-cum-rock chick look by investing in tuxedo blazers, moto jackets, and button-down tops.

kate moss white tuxedo

kate moss white tux kate moss tuxedo

Angelina Jolie-Pitt: All Black

Black is a sophisticated, slimming color that is why it is favored by many. But with regards to celebrity signature styles, Angelina’s penchant for black surfaces the most. The mother of six is often seen in ebony, whether it’s on the red carpet or the airport. Like Angelina, you can perfect the all-black look by injecting some monotony-breaking accessories into the mix.  Rouge lipstick wouldn’t hurt too!

angelina jolie all-black outfit angelina jolie black top and skirt angelina jolie black outfit

Cara Delevingne: Suits

Cara is a self-confessed tomboy. More often than not, you’ll see the smoky-eyed model in a crisp suit (sometimes even with a bowtie on.) True enough, her androgynous style transcends to her unique fashion sense. In fact, she’s one of the brave few who can rock a suit with sneakers! So if you are looking for a trademark outfit to wear to the office, then make sure to copy Cara’s celebrity signature styles (minus the rubber shoes, of course.)

cara delevingne gray suit cara delevingne white suit cara delevingne burgundy suit

Alexa Chung: White Collar

Most people liken white collars to work, but Alexa Chung has managed to make this style trendy once again. Because of its innocent schoolgirl look, this is one of the celebrity signature styles you ought to follow. Like Alexa, the white collar is best layered with a knit sweater or a printed long-sleeved top.

alexa chung white collar alexa chung white collar and black sweater alexa chung white collared top and black dress

Kim Kardashian: Bodycon

Kim has the curves – and she’s not afraid to flaunt it in sexy bodycon garments. In fact, she possesses celebrity signature styles that are envied by many.  If you want to transcend a sexy look – even if you are devoid of full breasts and a round butt – then make sure to follow Kim’s fashion style. However, be cautious with styling, as you do not want to emanate a ‘whorish’ appeal. With the right styling and bodycon piece, you can create a sexy, curvy look.

kim kardashian white dress kim kardashian white bodycon dress kim kardashian bodycon dress

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