Catherine Summers: How to Wear Colors and Prints

Colors and prints are a fun way of making your style modern, fun, and trendy. Some women have a tendency to stick with neutrals and classic pieces. While strategically styling the classic staples and neutrals are a good trick, combinations of rainbow colors, fun prints, and modern cuts are the best way to keep you looking fresh and bright. Well, if you love colors and prints, but afraid mixing things up, let’s have a style inspiration to brighten up your style.

blue oxford shoes with checkered top

Grew up in Berkshire, London, Catherine Summers is a British blogger known for her creative style of wearing colors and prints. Her blog, Not Dressed as Lamb, mirrors her eclectic style towards preppy with a twist that she can’t get enough of fun colors and pattern mixing. Catherine doesn’t believe in loads of fashion rules for women as you yourself can only dictate how you should dress appropriately. Through her blog, Catherine encourages women to be fabulous at any age.

scarf in colorful outfit

When choosing the colors for you, you must acknowledge that there are no bad colors but only bad color combinations though there are colors that look best in different undertones. And, you should be experimenting because we are all unique in body shapes, assets, and flaws. And many women need to wear more color like jewel tones of some kind as they look better in them than they do in neutrals.

geometric print scarf with knitted sweater cute blue shoes with colorful outfit red oxford shoes with denim jeans

If you’re not fully ready to commit with a colorful style, then begin with your accessories. Add more color with accessories like shoes, handbags, scarves, shawls, belts, hats, sunglasses, watches, bracelets and such. Catherine creatively incorporated colorful accessories with her outfit by matching the same shade. Also, you may pick a bold shade for your shoes like red or blue to make it stand out.

classic polka dots dress cute floral dress with hat cute striped dress with hat

If you’re not so skilled in color blocking and print mixing, you may start off by opting for colorful print dresses. Buy more classic shapes of dresses so you don’t tire of them so quickly as its classic shape and quirky details keep things interesting. Like Catherine, she nailed a nautical theme by wearing nautical striped dress paired with red and white motifs. Also, she keeps the colorful feel by wearing a purple belt on her polka dots dress. Like her, you can keep the style simply by wearing a floral dress with a sequined bag and a cute hat.

colorful striped blazer over a dress cute blazer with burgundy pants gingham pink blouse leopard print coat with neutral outfit polka dots maxi skirt with classic blouse tartan pants with red top

Also, you could nail the style by opting for a single printed item paired with solid colored ensembles to keep the style polished and smarter. Just creatively pair the color of prints to your solid pieces like Catherine did. For instance, she paired a pink gingham blouse with a pink tank top and a red tartan pants with a red top. You may also pick one shade from your multicolored print garment to harmonize your overall looks. Also, if you’re a neutral lover, then pair your classic print garments with a neutral colored outfit.

animal print pants with tribal print shawl floral pants with blue blouse geometric print scarf with checkered top

If you’re daring enough, then mix busy prints together. A geometric print scarf paired with checkered blouse or an Aztec print shawl over animal print pants is creative and artistic. You have the option whether to keep the prints in complementing colors or keep it monochrome.

trench coat with colorful outfit lavender sweater with colorful prints

If you’re not fond of mixing busy prints but still always want to wear them, you may creatively layer a solid colored garment between them to avoid the noise. Like Catherine, she wore a camel trench coat between a checkered blouse and floral pants and a lavender sweater between a striped tank top and floral pants. This way, you’re mixing prints in a more polished and smarter way.

You could wear whatever color you want even pastel or neon colors. You should not be afraid to be a bit more daring with color and print combinations until you find a style you really like. Don’t keep wearing the same styles but instead use color and prints as your secret weapon.




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