Carolina Godlewska: How to Look Classic yet Modern

Classic fashion is a timeless style worth going for. The sophistication, simplicity, and elegance of this style gives you a more feminine and alluring looks. But, if you’re looking to buck the “skin is in” trend and want to go for a more subdued look, a classic yet modern fashion is for you. Looking for style inspiration how to dress classy-but-not-too-demure and modern-but-not-too-daring? Keep on scrolling to scoop some fashion ideas.

From Warszawa, Polska, Carolina Godlewska is known for her feminine and classic style yet with a modern feel. In her blog Mild Clouds, she shares her personal style, thoughts on fashion, favorite books and movies, as well as shopping tips. Carolina is also a fan of good food and lazy leisure. Let’s have a look at her style to be inspired in classic fashion with a modern twist.

asymmetrical skirt with pink top

crop top with structured blazer

When aiming to modernize your classic looks, you may simply opt for modern styles, cuts, and designs on your ensembles to pair with classic ones. Dramatic asymmetrical skirts, crop tops, off-shoulder tops, tulip skirts, cut-out dresses, and even tasseled ones are great to add on our looks. Carolina just simply paired an asymmetrical gray skirt with her classic blazer and a classic cardigan with her trendy crop top to give off that classic and modern feel.

feminine blouse with lace shorts off shoulder blouse with lace skirt

Lace details are a great addition to giving some feminine touch to your classic style. Think of lace blouses, skirts, shorts, and even bags that will look feminine and classic with your modern ensembles. Carolina simply wore a lace skirt with her off-shoulder blouse that looks so feminine and classic while her accessories give the modern feel. Like Carolina, you may look for modern style shoes, structured handbags and even jewelry to modernize your classic style in a subtle but polished way.

pink and white outfit pink cardigan with jeans purple bag with classic outfit purple bag with neutral outfit red coat with leggings

Timeless pieces look great with feminine colors like pink, purple, and red. Though classic fashion style features more neutral shades like brown, black, white, and gray, your feminine colors make the classic look modern yet feminine. Like Carolina, you may wear your classic ensembles like a blazer, cardigan, skirt, and knitwear in a pink color or pair them with anything modern and casual like jeans and shorts. If you’re not a fan of pink, then look for purple satchels to modernize you classic and neutral outfit. If you feel more bold and daring, look for a great shade of red that perfectly suits your skin tone. Burgundy, maroon, bright red and such are some versatile shades that may look great on you.

classic outfit with brown blazer gray and white classic outfit leather jacket with navy dress

If you want to stick with classic fashion style, you may opt for neutral shades like navy, black, brown, white, and gray but modernize the look with contemporary ensembles. Carolina creatively wore a head-to-toe neutral outfit, but a modern jewelry spiced up the plain looks. Also, she vamped up her navy dress with a leather jacket and sandals. Though classic blazer and pumps are best worn with dressy pants or a skirt, Carolina opted for a pair of shorts in a neutral shade to keep the classic theme going.

green top with orange skirt neon yellow skirt with classic outfit

If you’re a fan of playing colors, you may wear bright accents or unusual color combinations like red-and-pink, yellow-and-purple, or even green-and-orange. Neon shades are eye-catching that can add a modern touch to your classic ensembles whether it’s a blazer or a pencil skirt.

classic print jacket with modern outfit classic shawl with classic outfit floral print blazer with classic outfitfloral print skirt with tank top

If you love prints, you may keep the style classic by opting for classic prints in your ensembles. Plaids, tartan, checks, stripes, florals, polka dots and such add some dimension and interest to your classic looks. Just be playful in teaming those prints with modern ensembles like leather trousers, circle skirts, crop tops, tank tops and such.

leather skirt with lace top leather jacket with red dress

Though classic fashion usually sticks to fabrics like cotton, wool, fur, and such, you may add some edgy touch with your classic style by wearing anything leather. Carolina creatively wore a leather skirt, jacket, bag, and shoes to add some edgy yet tamed vibe with her demure looks.

With that being said, there are many ways you can modernize your classic looks while still looking modest but stylish. Classic and modern fashion style is for women who want to polish off her ensemble just right. So, grab yourself a few and flaunt your classic and modern looks with a demure yet captivating way.




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