Carolina Engman: Scandinavian Fashion Style

Scandinavian fashion style is defined by being simple and effortless but sophisticated. It’s great since when it comes to style, it’s all about looking chic without trying too hard. The look is all about the great basic pieces, uncomplicated palettes, and smart tailoring. Looking for inspiration how to look effortless but sophisticated like the Scandinavians? Keep on reading to scoop some tricks from a Scandinavian style blogger.

From Stockholm, Sweden, Carolina Engman is a style blogger known for her cool, chic, and sensational outfits mirroring the Scandinavian fashion style. In fact, her expert monochromatic styling has made her one of the top five fashion bloggers on the globe as positioned on Bloglovin, with more than 200,000 followers. Started her blog in 2006, the “Fashion Squad” gives inspirations for those loving the Scandinavian fashion style. Though Carolina tends to wear a lot of blacks, her creative playing with layers and textures never looks dull but rather keep it polished with some edge.

all black Scandinavian outfit

all white Scandinavian outfit burgundy red outfit monochromatic outfit

One great thing about Scandinavian fashion is the simplicity and modesty of the style. Though a bit conservative, the designs are beautiful, functional, and luxurious. Plunging necklines, open backs, miniskirts, and figure-hugging dresses are not common to Scandinavian style but modest styles like trench coats, blazers, and suits are the basic staples of this fashion. Neutral shades and monochromatic dressing are also customary to Scandinavian color palette.

camel coat with distressed jeans color blocked outfit

Though black and neutrals are the color choice that is highly loved in Scandinavian style, any fashionable color will be great. You may play on color blocking tricks opting for colors of red, blue, green, orange, pink, and such. Carolina creatively “color blocked” her outfit and the result were polished and unique.

animal graphic print jacket animal print coat with green outfit floral dress leopard print cape

Since Sweden is a country famous for its design, art, and architecture, animal prints and other classic prints are remarkable features of their fashion style. Think of capes, accessories, dresses, skirts, blouses, and even scarves to spice up your looks. Wearing prints and patterns with your simple outfit is a chic way to look sophisticated without the effort of trying too hard. Remember, Scandinavian fashion style is all about being simple and effortless but sophisticated.

black suit with classic outfit leather skirt with classic top red scarf with leather jacket

It’s no secret that Sweden is not the warmest part of Europe. So, be creative with your street looks and apply your skills on layering. You may add some touch of edge on your Scandinavian fashion by wearing anything leather, or structured suits and blazers to layer your looks.

animal print clutch with black and white outfit animal print clutch with classic outfit classic pumps with classic outfit sophisticated handbag structured bag with all black outfit

Scandinavian women are very sophisticated and feminine without by showing too much skin. Instead, they use the trick of accessories to keep their looks pretty and polished. Classic pumps, stilettos, sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, watches, structured bags, and even hats make their modest looks full of sophistication and elegance. As you can see on Carolina’s style, it looks so simple and effortless, but her accessories bring the sophistication to her looks.

Scandinavian fashion style is a great style to preserve your classic fashion standard with modest style and feminine cuts. Like Carolina, prove that simplicity is beauty and be a part of an effortless yet sophisticated Scandinavian style.




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