Brooke Testoni: How to Nail the Oversized Trend without Looking Frumpy

Bigger doesn’t always mean better and oversized trend isn’t always the most flattering. If you are not careful, your outfit can go from cozy chic to a frumpy mess in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, when the oversized trend is done right, it can accentuate your features well and give you a comfy, yet polished look. Keep on scrolling to get some tricks to nail an oversized trend without looking frumpy.

From Sydney, Australia, Brooke Testoni is known for her effortless, classic, timeless, and oversized fashion style in a polished and non-frumpy way. She even manages to keep her look classic and timeless whilst incorporating seasonal trends. In her blog, she shares her penchant for the oversized, worldly inspirations, favorite seasonal trends, and her personal style.

loose blouse with sexy shorts

maxi skirt with black top oversized cape with black outfit oversized sweater with pencil skirt

When nailing the oversized trend, it all comes down to balancing out proportions. Keep your look balanced by choosing fitted pieces that compliment the outfit. Like Brooke, she wore an oversized sweater with a fitted skirt and a flouncy skirt with a fitted top. Always remember that the baggier the top, the more fitted your bottom should be. Skinny jeans and leggings are great with oversized sweaters in casual pairings while a fitted skirt or dressy pants are dressier options. And when it comes to oversized trousers, team them with a tighter shirt for a non-frumpy look.

oversized dress with skinny pants sexy dress with oversized cardigan white coat with a striped dress

Balance out oversized jackets, coats, cardigans, and sweaters by teaming them with miniskirts or mini dress. Short hemlines will offset the volume on your top half making them look balanced and proportional. Like Brooke, you may accessorize your style by wearing a fitted boots, classic pumps or even sneakers to complement your oversized theme.

coat with a casual outfit loose blouse with miniskirt oversized shirt with boyfriend jeans

Give shapeless dresses, oversized cardigans, baggy sweaters, and loose blouses some shape by tucking it in or belting them at the waist. You may pick a wider style of belt, rather than a skinny one, especially if the fabric you’re wearing is heavy and thick. Your waist gives a feminine and a little definition while nailing the oversized trend. This is also a great way to get different looks out of the same piece so you may look for different styles, designs, and types of belts to revamp your outfit.

oversized shirtdress with classic shoes tank top with a maxi skirt

Always remember that oversized ensembles swallow up your figure and make you look shorter and heavier than you actually are. So, smarten up your looks and add some height to your frame with a pair of heels to lengthen out your silhouette as well as to balance the proportion of your oversized outfit.

gray coat with flared pants oversized outfit

Sticking to one oversized ensemble for your outfit at a time gives you a stylish and polished looks. Though wearing oversized pieces together may be the comfiest option you may have, remember that it can make you look ten or twenty pounds heavier and make your ensemble sloppy and undone. But if you’re brave enough like Brooke, you may wear an oversized sweater with a loose fitting skirt but don’t overdo it. Wearing flared pants instead of a loose fitting skirt is a better choice to give your figure some slim frame.

oversized sweater with leather pants

Play on textures to create interest and dimension to your oversized style. Knits are fabrics that can make you look baggy and heavy while fabrics like leather and silk can come across as sitting and sexy. Like Brooke, you may wear an oversized knitted sweater with a pair of leather trousers even in a flared style.

The key to making any fashion style work for you is to experiment as what suits one person may not necessarily suit the next. So, when wearing oversized clothes, stick to clothes designed to be oversized rather than something a few sizes too big so your style will look intentional. Try out different looks for you to figure out what is best for you. Then, when you get the right trick for you, an oversized trend can look at the height of chic.




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