Brocade Fashion for Autumn

Formerly reserved for the royals of Korea, Japan, and China (to name a few,) luxe Brocade fashion has become one of the hottest trends of the season. More than just clothes, stylish brocade fashion can be found on bags and shoes as well. Create an elegant style by dressing up in these fine brocade fashion pieces for autumn.

Brocade Top

Undoubtedly the most basic piece of brocade fashion, a brocade top is something that can add sophistication to any outfit. While it looks perfect with structured trousers, you can always wear your brocade top with ripped jeans or cut-off shorts for a cool, laidback look.

gold brocade top

puffy brocade top

Brocade Skirt

If you are bored of the usual pencil and A-line skirts, then make the shift for the brocade skirt. This brocade fashion for autumn can make you look like a royal – without the need to break the bank. With the intricate designs of brocade fashion, it is recommended that you wear your skirt with a simple or plain top.

miranda kerr brocade skirt purple brocade skirt

Brocade Pants

If you are a pants kind of person, fret not as brocade fashion comes in the form of pants. It has a stiff, structured feel that makes it perfect for the office and other ‘glam’ events. Like the brocade top, you can always dress down your brocade pants with a simple graphic shirt or a fringe top.

brocade pants miranda kerr brocade pants brocade pants with graphic top

Brocade Dress

When it comes to brocade fashion, nothing else comes close to the brocade dress. This all-out royal beauty is a sight to behold, whether in the office or in the mall. What’s great about this interwoven fabric is that it provides you much insulation – without forsaking your style. So whenever you are feeling girly in the office, then make sure to wear this brocade fashion for autumn.

green brocade dress silver brocade dress

Brocade Bag

Brocade fashion is no longer exclusive to clothing. Many thanks to the world’s visionary designers, brocade bags and purses have emerged as well. While this will look impeccable with a brocade outfit, it is recommended that use it with a toned-down outfit. Go with just the brocade bag as it is enough to add a dash of classiness to your simple, casual outfit.

brocade handbag brocade purse

Brocade Shoes

A girl can never have too much shoes, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try brocade fashion footwear. The elaborate design of the brocade shoes will definitely draw attention to your feet, so be prepared for the stares and gasps that will come your way.

blue brocade shoes black brocade shoes

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