Braided Crown Hairstyles



Pretty Ways to Crown Braid Your Hair

Romantic and feminine are two words to describe braided crown hairstyles. thee are many types but we’ll be showing you the sweetest looks for this season. Winter 2014 has been dropping temperatures on us but for hair, we won’t let the weather get us down. Drop it like it’s hot for the most gorgeous crown braids this year.

Why choose braided crown hairstyles? It’s not  their trendiness that makes them so lovable in the eye but the way braids soften a look and how the idea of a crown above a woman’;s head makes her appear authoritative, poised and daring, yet still sweet , ladylike and approachable.


It’s not so hard to crown braid you own hair. Here are the basic steps:

1. Divide hair into two low pigtails.

2. Braid both parts and tie securely with clear elastic bands.

3.Then, pull one braid up over your head and secure it with a bobby-pin. Make it an inch back from your hairline. Repeat on the other side, placing the second braid behind the first.

Here’s another braided crown hairstyle you might like to try:


Double braids double the romance. Think it’s complicated task? not at all. just follow the easy steps you’ll see below.


Anywhere in the world, women are dying to have their braids look like those in magazines and tv ads. Sometimes, you don’t really need a stylist or hairdresser to get it done. That’s why there are DIY tutorials such as this but you are always the one who decides which look to wear. For some more braided crown hairstyle inspirations, check out the following photos:





It’s best to wear braided hair with less makeup or what fashionistas call the matte or au naturel look. Or you can either choose the eyes or lips to emphasize.


Boho braids are more laid back but just as stylish. Even if you’d like to let it a little loose, make sure the elastic band and bobby pins are secure enough not to let hair slip.

braidedcrownhaistyles13 braidedcrownhaistyles12

The advantage in wearing crown braids is you can match it with any outfit or image you want to portray, be it demure , childlike, tough, or naughty. Of course, it looks more dramatic when the theme is floral and a little bit of nude.

braidedcrownhaistyles14  braidedcrownhaistyles1