Boyfriend-inspired Pieces to Keep You Warm and Cozy

The tomboy look seems to be one of the favorite trends of fashionistas today, especially this fall. Though obviously not very feminine, the tomboy look is loved by many because it’s comfortable and easy. Of course, you don’t have to be a tomboy to pull off a tomboy look. You can be the most girly girl and still do the tomboy look every once in a while when you want to take a break from the sweet and cutesy look. If you’re looking for pieces that will help you nail the tomboy look to a T, check out these boyfriend-inspired pieces to keep you warm and cozy anytime.

  • Hoodie – somehow, your boyfriend’s hoodie always seems to be cozier and more comfortable than your which is why you always end up using one of his instead of the cute ones that you have. A hoodie is a great piece to wear if you want something casual and a little sporty. It’s sure to make you look street style chic without really overwhelming your look with a masculine vibe. You can wear it with more casual pieces like jeans and boots if you want to keep the laidback vibe or you can go all out on the sporty look and wear sneakers and a baseball cap with it.

homies hoodie outfit

black leather hoodie cool hoodie outfit

  • Crew neck shirts – crew neck boyfriend shirts are a tad oversized which is why they’re super comfy. If you’re looking for a basic layering piece that you can use with your tomboy-ish look, this is your best bet. You can wear it underneath anything or you can also wear it on its own.

celfie shirt crew neck style muse crew neck shirt striped crew neck shirt

  • Snapbacks – whoever said snapbacks are strictly for guys clearly have not seen gorgeous gal in one. Girls look cool in snapbacks just as guys do. This is the perfect accessory to wear if you’re doing a street style hip-hop look. It’s cool and it’s a really easy way to keep your hair from getting messed up, too! Choose a snapback with a girly design to still give your look that cute twist.

cool  snapback hatcasual outfit and snapback hat sexy hip hop outgi

  • Blazer – if you love the structured look of a blazer but don’t want your outfit to end up looking too uptight, a boyfriend – inspired blazer (read: slightly bigger and more boxy) might just get the job done for you. It adds a bit more polish to your look but not so that your outfit looks too business-y.

bf style blazer jacket long oversized blazer white blazer outfit

  • Loafers – usually, if you want a comfy pair of shoes, you’d reach for flats or sandals but if you’re looking for something that will give your outfit a bit of that tomboy touch, you can opt for loafers instead. They’re just as comfy and chic but they’re less girly.

basic black loafers leather lace up loafers loafers in black leather

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