Best Gothic Street Style ideas

Since fashion styles can be such a huge part of defining your individuality, gothic street style is one way of expressing your beliefs through fashion style, makeup, and outfits. If you want to adopt a gothic look whether it is dark and deep persona or you’re more of a romantic, you can wear styles that show off your individuality within a unique bold style. The key is to add your own individual flair and modifications. Let’s dig deeper about this bold style and learn how to dress like one.

gothic simple dress

long black gown Victoriana gothic look gothic style hat

Determine what style you are striving for. The gothic street style is a mixture of different styles such as Punk, Lolita, Victoriana, Cyber, and Industrial. Some people like a romantic look with long dark dresses, tailored velvet jackets, lace and classic items, while others prefer punk, with bondage pants and a spiked collar, and still others go cyber or futuristic with glasses, wool, latex, and big industrial boots.

all black gothic style tartan red jacket with black outfit velvet jacket in black

Obviously, black is the most popular color in gothic style. You can wear black miniskirts, black dresses, patterned tops and studded black high heels. If all-black is too much for you, you may pick for other deeper shades like forest green, red, silver, purple, teal, burgundy, dark green, and cobalt blue. Pastels are uncommon, but when they are worn they’re super-saturated and as neat as possible. Tartan prints, leopard prints, and checks could be your options as well. The gothic style consists of black, minimalist clothing cut in contemporary ways and finished with high quality items like leather.

black chunky boots

You will usually see high, tall, chunky boots with elements of metal like buckles, chains and studs in gothic footwear. There are a lot different styles of boots, pick a style you want. However, for gothic styles like Lolita and Victoriana, cute doll shoes are considered.

accessory necklace bone shirt and accessories bone structured dress cross and stud rings spikes accessories and corset belt

The key to gothic style is mystery, dark colors, and a stunning array of laced fabrics and accessories such as silver jewelry, skulls, crosses, and gloves. Some edgier gothic styles include body piercing and tattoos. Nonetheless, if you’re not quite brave enough to wear a full-gothic street style, then a corset belt can add a gothic touch to a plain black dress. Romantic gothic fashion consists of lacy gowns, veils, corsets, and fishnet tights. They are generally established on fashion from the Elizabethan and Victorian eras. On the contrary, the industrial gothic style includes more metal like buckles, chokers, spikes, chains, buttons, and plates. Some other accessories consist of collars, dreadlocks, gas masks, and buckskin bracelets.

dark purple lips and blonde hair colored hair dark eyes and pale skin black lipstick and gothic outfit

Goths effectively express their personality with predominantly black makeup color for everything from lipstick to nail polish. Accentuate your eyes with black eyeliner or eye shadow. Also, dark purples and reds are good alternatives to black lipstick shade and black laces and ribbons are a great match for dark lipsticks. Pale skin is another hallmark of gothic looks, usually enhanced by powders. The spiked hair style is a classic gothic street style look and can also be used to create a rock style or an alternative style. Some dye their hair black, while others choose more radiant shades like red or purple to make a surprising contrast with their dark clothing.

It’s all about individual expression, confidence, and personality in order to pull off the gothic street style. Flaunt your fashion senses to create the look that makes the statement.

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