Beautiful Ways to Wear a Brooch

A brooch – whether diamond-encrusted or fancy – is a lovely accessory that can brighten up any outfit. However, do you know that there’s more to a brooch than just wearing it on top of your bust? Expand your fashion horizons with these beautiful ways to wear a brooch.

It’s all about the Location

Wearing your brooch on top of your left or right bust is a timeless style. But if you want to create a nouveau trend, then relocate your brooch to another destination.

A good location to consider is the center of your collarbones, where the topmost buttons of a button-down shirt meet. It can give the precious look of a statement necklace, minus the strand.

bug brooch

bird brooch

Instead of the usual chest location, why not place your brooch by the waist? It can create an instant waist-slimming look.

brooch on thes ide

Your skirt is another good place to pin your brooch. It can act like a fashion belt without the restrictive waist-cinching.

brooch on the skirt

Use it to Pin Your Scarf

Scarves can be worn a number of ways, but you can further enhance its look by joining the ends with a brooch. This accessory is an elegant and fashionable way to keep your scarf in place.

brooch on a scarf scarf brooch

Use it to Close your Coat

In the event that your blazer or coat does not have buttons, a good way to close it in style is to pin a brooch on it. As to where, it depends on how you want to look.

If you want a cape-like appearance, place the brooch at the topmost or the chest area.

brooch on a jacket

If you want a shape-defining style, pin the brooch nearyour midsection.

brooch on the jacket

Ornament your Head Ornaments

Brooches are largely seen on clothes, but they can pass as chic embellishments for head ornaments as well. So if you want to add a dash of elegance to your casual hat, head wrap or beanie, throw a brooch on it!

brooch on a hair wrap brooch on a beanie

Prettify a Purse with a Brooch

Take your boring purse into a nighttime clutch simply by decorating it with brooches. While one is enough, you can use a number of brooches to create a unique clustered design.

bag with spider brooch bag with bee brooch

Wear your Hair Up

You don’t need an expensive hair ornament for nighttime events and formal galas. It’s as simple as placing your brooch on your hairdo.

hair with brooch hairdo with brooch

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