Beach Vacation Fashion Must Haves

No summer is complete without going on a vacation to the beach, no matter how near of far it is from your place. The beach is the one place where you get to wear a little clothes as you want without being judged or called too racy or provocative. That doesn’t mean, though, that you shouldn’t put time and effort into planning out your beach vacation outfits. While on vacay, you’ll want to look hot and stylish – be it while swimming, lounging around or just having dinner with the people you’re on vacation with. To achieve this, make sure you pack these beach vacation fashion must haves.

  • Cute swimsuits – of course, you can’t be at the beach without a few couple of swimsuits because that would just be plain ridiculous. Pick your cutest, most flattering swimsuits and make sure you take them with you on your vacation to the beach. If you have limited luggage space, try to pack black swimsuits instead because with them you can achieve different looks just by changing up the accessories you wear them with.

floral swimsuit outfit

cute swimsuit outfit

  • Shorts – forget about denim pants for a while and reach for shorts to pack in your travelling bag instead. Shorts are much lighter and more summer-appropriate plus they take up less space in your bag, too. Denim shorts would be ideal but if you plan on going somewhere rather dressy (not formal) for dinner while on vacation, make sure you include a pair or two of dressy shorts, too.

printed summer shorts simple denim shorts

  • Lightweight dresses – if you’re more of a girly girl, make sure you don’t leave your home for a beach vacation without some gorgeous but lightweight dresses in your suitcase to wear for lounging around the beach or the resort. You can also wear these to lunch or when you head out for coffee with your family or friends. Some of the best lightweight dresses to go for are sundresses and maxi dresses.

simple striped summer dress white summer dress

  • Summer scarf – scarves aren’t just for fall and winter, you know. There are what we call summer scarves, too, and these are often lightweight and very colorful so they give any outfit that perfect pop of color. Aside from being used as an accessory for your outfits, you can also use your summer scarves as a sarong wrap / cover up or even as a beach towel to lay on while you sunbathe.

summer scarf headband red summer scarf

  • Beach tote – aside from wearing cute clothes, you should also have an equally cute tote to match your outfit with and carry all of your essentials in. When I say “match”, it doesn’t necessarily mean it should be the same color as your outfit or anything. In fact, it would be more practical if you could bring along a beach tote in a neutral color and just spruce it up with fun accessories. Clear beach totes are pretty popular this summer, too, so if you’re looking for something fun and quirky, you can go for that instead.

white with black and red beach tote oversized summer tote

  • Flat sandals – while heels are definitely fiercer and ballet flats more versatile and girly-er, flat sandals are the perfect footwear of choice for vacations at the beach because they’re easier to walk in and they won’t make your feet sweat since they’re not enclosed.

sexy thong sandals flat sandals outfit


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