Be Sexy in High-Slit Skirts

High-slit skirts have taken the center stage lately, and most attribute it to the years-ago, gam-baring fiasco of Angelina Jolie. Although its inspiration was a fashion faux-pas, one thing is sure: high-slit skirts are stylish and sexy! Even if you don’t have the perfect legs, you can achieve this style by minding the following tips:

black high-slit skirt

Simple is Best

The high-slit skirt is the eye-catching piece in your wardrobe, so don’t take any attention away from it! Balance the look by pairing your skirt with a simple top (such as a plain white tee.) Wear simple accessories – keep your statement accessories in the closet for the meantime.

gray high-slit skirt

Make it Work

What’s great about high-slit skirts – especially those with not-so-high openings – is that you can wear it to work as well. It’s just a matter of adding formal panache to the look. Since the slit can be sexy, pair it with a conservative top, such as button-down dress shirts.

beige high-slit skirt

If the slit is too high, it’s still work-worthy. Just make sure to wear tights underneath for a respectable look.

printed high-slit skirt

Formalize It

High-slit skirts are definitely versatile, as you can wear them for formal events too. You don’t have to bend over backwards for a gala or nighttime event, as all you need to do is pair your high-slit maxi skirt with a lace, bejeweled or embellished top.

lace top black high-slit skirt

It’s All About Layers

This fall season, the key to wearing high-slit skirts without freezing yourself is stylish layering. For example, wear your favorite crop top or button-down shirt with a wool cardigan. As for your legs, go for nude tights or opaque ones.

pleated high-slit maxi skirt

black high slit maxi skirt

Choose a Crop Top

For a laid-back day look, pair your high-slit skirt with a crop top. Although this pairing might show too much skin, it is just a matter of imbibing an air of elegance and sophistication.

crop top black high-slit skirt maxi high-slit skirt

Be Heavenly in Heels

As with any skirt ensemble, the best way to look sexy with a high-slit skirt is to wear it with heels. Although color-coordinating your footwear with any of the colors of your outfit is advisable, you can go all-out with a pop of color.

high waist high slit skirt

Fact: You can be fashionable in high-slit skirts even if you do not have modelesque legs. Achieve a runway-worthy look by following these tips on how to wear high-slit skirts.

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