Be Chic and Comfy in These Fashionable Party Clothes

The holidays are fast approaching – so you probably have to grace several Christmas parties soon. While it’s important to look stylish for these events, you need to mind your tummy as well. Here are great clothing ideas that give you the chance to eat and celebrate in modish merriment.

Shift Dresses

Show your feminine side without limiting your caloric intake in a loose yet lightweight shift dress. Avoid tight, form-fitting clothes to hide your post-dinner burgeoning belly.

striped shift dress

black shift dress

Maxi Dress

Planning on attending a formal dinner event? Trade your usual dressy gowns for a comfy yet chic maxi dress. Its length is perfect for ceremonies, yet it is not as restrictive as usual formal gowns. Do remember to pick styles that are appropriate for the occasion (avoid bright printed ones for classy events.)

printed maxi dress green maxi dress

Silk Jumpsuit

Look formal in your parties – without scrimping on the eating part – in a stylish silk jumpsuit. Wear it with a loose blazer and heels for the ultimate glam effect.

black silk jumpsuitorange silk jumpsuit

Empire Waist Top/Dress

Accentuate your chest – without showing your tummy – in a beautiful empire waist top or dress. Pair the top with pajama pants (coming up next) for great fashion and comfort.

As for your dress? Slip on some tights for warmth and comfort in this winter wonderland.

empire waist dress vintage empite waist dress

Loose Top

Apart from the empire waist top, a loose, draped top can conceal your holiday tummy – without making you look bad.

violet loose top black loose top

Blanket Poncho

If you are wearing form-fitting apparel – but you accidentally ate a lot during dinner – you can still conceal your oversized tummy with a blanket poncho. Although it is a wee bit shapeless, you can add form by belting it (loosely, of course.) Most importantly, it can give you additional warmth – especially during this nippy winter season.

aztec blanket poncho striped blanket poncho

Pajama Pants

PJs are undoubtedly comfy, and you might have the urge to wear them to your parties. You can do just this – without looking like you just woke up – with a comfy pair of pajama pants.

checkered pajama pants printed pajama pants

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