Be Beautiful in Ballet-Inspired Fashion

Ballerinas are known not only for their grace and litheness, but for their wonderful costumes as well. Such have inspired many fashion houses, such as Christian Dior and Bottega Veneta, to send ballet-inspired looks to the runway. Own these catwalk-worthy looks by getting your hands on these ballet-inspired fashion pieces:

The Tulle Skirt

Also known as the ballerina skirt, the tulle skirt is a flirty and feminine bottom to have in your closet. With its lacy, soft look, the tulle skirt is best worn with simple and structured pieces, such as tank tops, tees, tubes and shirts.

beige ballet skirt

Wear it with a blazer and you can bring your tulle skirt to work!

mint green skirt

Ballet Flats

Perhaps the most famous item lifted from a ballerina’s wardrobe, ballet flats are stylish yet comfy shoes. You can wear them whenever, wherever. No matter what outfit you have, it will certainly look impeccable with ballet flats.

red ballet flats

black ballet flats

The Bodysuit

The immense popularity of the bodysuit is often attributed to ballet, but in the latter years it has become a trademark piece of Lady Gaga. Although it was previously reserved for layering, it has now become a fashionable alternative to your usual tops.

bodysuit and skirt

To get the best ballerina look, wear your bodysuit with a tulle or pleated skirt.

black bodysuit and skirt

The Corset

Popularized in the Victorian era, the corset is one of the dressier ballet pieces.  This body-contouring top is best worn with a tulle skirt, but you can wear it with shorts, trousers and denim jeans as well.

black corset and skirt

corset and skirt

Sequined Pieces

Ballerinas shine on the stage because of their heavily-sequined garments. Dazzle just like them by wearing sparkly tops with tulle skirts and ballet flats. Off to a party? Then go for sequined dresses and jumpsuits.

gold sparkling dress

sparkly sequined jumpsuit

Attention-Grabbing Headpiece

True to its’ name, an attention-grabbing headpiece will definitely make you the talk of the town. Since ballet tiaras can prove too much, settle with gentler pieces, such as flowered headbands or feather fascinators.

elegant feather fascinator

sparkly bejeweled headpiece

Ballet-inspired fashion is a feminine look which you can take from day to night. Impress the crowd like a world-famous prima ballerina by getting your hands on these stylish pieces.

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