Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle Review

It’s officially November!!!
It never really starts feeling like Fall until well into October, so today was the perfect day for me to review this mini candle from Bath & Body Works. This mini candle was part of my Beauty Blogger Vox Box from Influenster! I was quite surprised this was included in there and I couldn’t wait to review it!

Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle

The scent I was given is called Cider Lane, it’s described by them as “As sweet as the trip to the local apple orchard each year, a delicious fall blend of mulled cider, warm caramel and sweet cinnamon.” and I couldn’t agree more! My first impression of smelling the candle before lighting it was a hint of cinnamon, which bothered me a bit since its such a typical scent used in Fall candles. I lit the candle and was greeted with a delicious scent of warm apple pie and caramel apples wafting through my living room. I was pleasantly surprised that this was nothing like the “typical” candle I was expecting and I should have known better since it was from Bath & Body Works! It really smells like the most delicious caramel being freshly made with just a hint of apple cinnamon.

The mini candles are small but the single candle was strong enough to leave my living room with its comforting smell. I put it in my bathroom and it worked better in the smaller room, but they are just as scented as their 3 wick counterparts. My favorite thing about them is that because they are small you can put one in each room and have a delicious scent in each room without the smells over powering your home! I also love that they come in mini glass jars which add a touch of elegance to the candles.

I loved my little mini candle so much that I stopped into Bath & Body Works to pick up a few more because I wanted to have some in each room. Not only are they available in the Fall collection, but they happen to carry a whole plethora of scents! The food scents are just divine and smell like fresh baked goods, and the Holiday and Fall scents smell so comforting and homey. In the end I chose Salted Caramel (To delicious for words!), Cider Lane , and French Baguette (Really smells like fresh baked bread!) .

All in all I was glad Influenster included these mini candles in my Beauty Blogger VoxBox it was a nice surprise and it made my house feel beautiful too!

*I received this product free from Influenster to try. All opinions stated in this review are my own and I was not required to write it.

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