Arm Party for Summer

How to Arm Party Like An Uppereastsider

1. What’s the Time? Arm party goes in gold and shiny pearls for a touch of class when in includes a watch. Know your gold, know you style and your luster never lasts. Pearls are the classiest gemstones in fashion as popularized by Audrey Hepburn. Wear gold and pearls on your wrist by choosing the same shade of metallic and a creamy tint of pearl.


A watch can also match turquoise or any hint of aqua blue. Gold and blue make a great time and this combo makes a chic arm party. Violet exudes a youthful aura as it is favored mostly by teens but you can make it ladylike with a touch of metallic, especially gold.




A party of gold is never boring and there’s always a hint of luxury that goes with it. Just make sure you’re wearing the same shade of gold in the bangles, chains, or any types of bracelets you have on your arm.






Some say gold and silver don’t get along well when worn together at a time. However, there’s a new way to wear it and you can do it with a party on both arms.

armparty7A dab of black wouldn’t hurt as it makes gold even more elegant and gives that austere appeal. It doesn’t matter what kind of bracelet you mix and match. Wear it as if you only have lightweight and fancy bracelets on.






Rock and roll never dies and you can get it in spikes, rivets, leather, chains, and anything in the mix of black and silver. Best if matched with black nail polish for a little bit of sexy goth and more silver for  glamorous chic.


armparty6Silver and salmon? Not a bad shot.


Colored bracelets can work along well with watches too. Parties are more fun with colors all around and so would your arm be. You can even mix metallic hues with beads and chains of block, pastel, and neutral colors.






Bohemian chic lets you combine creatively and easily whatever bracelets you have. Antique plus string, chain, beaded, and ribbed bracelets add more style to an outfit.