Arm Candy Dupes – David Smallcombe Bangles

Arm Candy Dupes – David Smallcombe Bangles

I don’t know about you, but I love finding more affordable options when it comes to trendy jewelry or fashion.
I absolutely love all of the cuff bracelets, like from David Smallcombe, that sort of have this bent/wave pattern to them, but a set of three could cost you well over 200 dollars. I couldn’t justify that purchase, so I sat on the sidelines for awhile until I found something amazing.
Target has come out with a HUGE new line of bracelets and bangles in four shades – gold, rose gold, gunmetal and bronze. Each set has a few different types of bracelets, and one of the types reminded me exactly of the David Smallcombe Bracelets!

Arm Candy Dupes

Arm Candy Dupes1

While they differ slightly in that they are a little bit more bent and they have less of the “hammered” look to them, I’d say they are fairly similar! I think I really actually love these a lot more! I love that I was able to find the rose gold to match my Michael Kors watch and also the regular yellow gold to match my other “arm candy” and watches!
The best part about these is that they are simple and easy to wear with everything. These are the type of bracelets you can throw on with any outfit to glam it up.
You’re also going to save yourself some money because these are only $14.99 for four, instead of almost $200 for three.
I definitely see a few more trips to Target in my future to get some more of these 😉

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