Anything but Basic Ways to Wear Ballet Flats

Ballet flats will always have a special place in my heart. They’re my go-to choice when my feet are begging for a break from wearing heels all week-long and wedges are just too casual for the look that I have in mind. They’re really simple and, well, basic if you don’t know how to wear them and what to wear them with but you see, even without the sexy 6-inch heels, ballet flats can look very dressy – given, of course, that you wear them with the right stuff. Here are some tips and ideas on anything but basic ways to wear ballet flats.

  • WITH MENSWEAR INSPIRED LOOKS – menswear inspired looks are great and all but sometimes they can be a bit too masculine and can overpower your true style which is dainty and feminine so to keep things at the right balance, why not wear something girly and subtle like ballet flats along with a menswear inspired look? The touch of girliness from ballet flats is sure to give your look just the right amount of femininity it deserves.

menswear inspired outfit and black ballet flats

menswear inspired winter outfit and ballet flats

  • INSPIRED BY THE REAL THING – most of the ballet flats you’ll see out there aren’t really what legit ballet shoes look like. If you’re looking for a unique pair of ballet flats to get you out of that basic rut, why not go for a pair that’s truly inspired by the real thing? Have you seen Jessica Simpson’s Mandalaye flats? They’re gorgeous and they look like real ballet shoes, too, especially with the square-toe detail the design features.

ballet leopard print ballet flats and ribbon

  • WITH SOCKS – just like sandals, ballet flats aren’t usually the kind of shoes you’d wear with socks but if you’re looking for non-basic ways to wear your ballet flats then this is one of your best bets. This combo will give your outfit a lot of that school girl / retro kind of vibe so make sure to pick out clothes that will go well with these look. Knee high or over the knee socks are best for this look but shorter socks will work just as well, too. Want to get longer-looking legs? Wear the same color for your socks and shoes. This will create and elongating effect on your legs.

socks and ballet flats socks and ballet flats outfit socks and black flats

  • SHOW SOME SKIN – the usual basic combo would be skinny jeans and ballet flats or leggings and ballet flats and while these combos work pretty well, they’re really quite common and basic. Step up your style game and show some skin by pairing your ballet flats with cropped pants instead. They’re less mainstream but they work well and look chic. Capri pants work, too.

cropped capri and red shoes cropped pants and flats

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