Anouska Proetta Brandon: How to Style Your Outerwear Pieces

An outdoor adventure is all about style and comfort. With a large and ever-changing outerwear selection from which to choose, styling your looks in a flattering way seems tricky. In order to look stylish, you must become familiar with the different types of outerwear as well as styling them in an effortless and yet fashionable way. Let’s have a style inspiration to style your outerwear pieces.

From Dublin, Ireland, Anouska Proetta Brandon is a style blogger with an eclectic style that is fond of wearing outerwear pieces such as jackets, blazers, cardigan, coats, and capes on top of her simple looks just to add a bit of edge. Anouska’s outfits are very well coordinated and thoroughly combined. Unfortunately, not every woman is capable of that so keep on reading to steal her style and be eclectic like her.

Trench Coat

trench coat with jeans

Originally an optional item of dress in the British Army, a trench coat has grown into one of the most fashionable coats. Also, a trench coat is a classic version of a raincoat and can be worn as a light overcoat in cool temperatures. A trench coat can be worn with dresses, formal blouse-and-skirt, dressy pants, jumpsuits, and even distressed denim jeans like Anouska did.

Wrap Coat

wrap coat with birkenstocks

This outerwear is usually made of lightweight fabric and is cinched by a belt. Since it has an overlapping design in the front, short dresses, shorts, and skinny pants are great worn underneath. Or like Anouska, you may wear a wrap coat as a dress itself and polish your looks with stylish sandals or heels.

Cape Coat

cape with all black outfit

The cape was common in medieval Europe that is often worn with a hood. Nowadays, cape styles can be in a sleeveless style with armholes and can be belted. Capes are designed to fit loosely around the body with a voluminous A-line cut and buttons or zippers may line the front of the coat to secure the fit. The length of a cape can be cropped or below the hips and wide sleeves may be built in along the underside of the cape unless the cape is a full slip-on piece. Like Anouska, you may wear a cape as your accent piece in an all-black outfit.

Bomber Jackets

bomber jacket with jeans bomber jacket with white jeans

Usually a casual piece of outerwear, bomber jackets can now be worn in dressier outfits. A bomber jacket has a front zip or button closure and features a low collar. Usually, it has an elastic band at the cuffs and hem to keep the fit. Bomber jackets are best worn in denim pants and shorts since the style of the jacket screams casual.

Leather, Suede, and Denim Jackets

cropped jacket denim jacket leather jacket with all black outfit leather jacket with casual outfit

Denim, suede, and leather jackets are versatile staples to show off your style whether it’s a glam-rock, boho-chic, or casual cool. The kinds of jackets typically feature collars, pockets, and a button closure in the front that matches well with dresses and skirts of any length. Just avoid wearing the same color of jeans with your denim jacket; or same shade of suede pants with your suede jacket to avoid blending too much.


black kimono cardigan with casual outfit cardigan with knee-high boots

Cardigans are a timeless staple available in cropped, oversized, wrap, and even boyfriend styles. A floor-length cardigan is best worn with miniskirts and shorts while a cropped cardigan looks best in dresses and jeans. Keep the contrast in mind and avoid creating a weird silhouette. When wearing oversized cardigans, stay away from boyfriend jeans and maxi skirts as the wideness on top and bottom will just make you look heavier. Instead, wear skinny fit of pants or leggings.

Blazers and Suits

blazer with casual outfit white blazer with cute outfit white blazer with striped top

Blazers and suits absolutely go with anything. You can wear these outerwear pieces to pair with your business attire, or to dress up your casual outfit. Like Anouska, you may wear a blazer or suit with a dress, shirt-and-short combination, or even a blouse and skirt outfit.

Chesterfield Coats and Pea Coats

beige pea coat camel pea coat chesterfield coat

Chesterfield coat has a slim, with blazer-like lapels which sometimes comes in velvet and a long tailored overcoat with very little waist suppression. Chesterfield coat is the equivalent of the ‘sack suit’ for clothes. On the other hand, pea coat typically hits below the hip, double-breasted and originally worn by sailors and navies. Since these jackets are made of heavy fabric, try pairing these with lightweight dresses or tops as well as pants and boots.

Fur and Faux Fur Coats

fur jacket with jeans fur vest with jeans

Fur coats are a great outerwear piece to glam up your street looks. The texture of fur is soft and delicate while providing a heavier insulation an elegant look. Faux fur coats still give the dazzling look of real fur for a more affordable price. Like Anouska, dress up your casual outfit like shirt and jeans with fur coat or vest.

Puffer Coats and Parka Coats

puffer coat

Usually worn in colder seasons, puffer and parka coats can be challenging to style. A puffer coat is instantly recognizable by the quilted outer layer that provides warmth and distinctive style without weight. This look may not be flattering on some since it creates a thick silhouette, so it would be better to wear something thin underneath these coats. On the other hand, parkas usually have a hood, and length can vary from cropped to below mid-calf. They can be a lightweight or insulated depending on the lining. Parka coat may look best on jeans and other slim-fitting pants.

Outdoor activities can be comfortable, stylish, and chic. Like Anouska, make use of your outerwear pieces to give your style a fashion statement while being laid-back and comfortable.


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