Annabelle’s Wigs Review

Wigs and hairpieces are a complete new concept to me, one that not so long ago I would have said no to. I’m used to hair extensions, but hair pieces and full wigs are completely different. When the lovely ladies at Annabelle’s wigs gave me the chance to try a little something, I knew it was time to try something new.

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The hair piece that I was sent was the 3/4 Taya piece. It’s a very long, dark and glamorous piece, with some loose curls and it looks absolutely gorgeous. The curls are soft and tumbling and they look so natural, I’m not a massive fan of super tight curls on long hair as I just think it looks a bit funny, but they’ve got it all right!
The colour is #4 – Dark brown. I have had my hair this colour for a few months now and was worried when I received it that I would get bored and end up changing it again, but since wearing this piece I am stuck with this colour. It matches my hair so well, I personally don’t think you can see the difference at all. I love that my hair also has some loose curls in naturally, so I literally can put this piece on and be away within seconds.
There are clips at the top and bottom of the net on the inside, and they glide into your hair easily. I have noticed that if I add a couple of extra kirby grips and backcomb my hair a little bit the 3/4 piece does stay in better. I’m not amazing at describing how to apply them, so click here to see a full and in-depth description!
It isn’t made of human hair, so you can’t apply colour or heat etc, but I don’t find this a problem as the loose curls don’t drop so there’s no need to do them again. The wig is made from 100% Kanekalon, which is soft and feels just like human hair.
I am so impressed with the Taya piece – it comes in at £31.99 and can be bought here. The ladies who run their twitter are so lovely, if you need colour matching they are there on hand ready and like I’ve said – mine is a perfect match! Twitter – @Annabelles_Wigs.

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