Andy Sparkles: Sporty Chic Street Style

Sporty chic street style mixing the chic with the athletic has been around for some time and keeps taking the spotlight every now and then. Sneakers, sports jerseys, sweatshirts, graphic tees, joggers, and varsity jackets are not only for sports and gym anymore. In fact, you can now wear them on the street without the slightest sign of remorse. We’ve spotted a style blogger from Germany donning sporty chic looks on the street with comfort, ease, and style.

Andy Sparkles, her real name Andrea Funk, is an amateur model and a style blogger that is known for her sporty chic street style. Living in Saarland, a state in Germany, the young lady shares her thoughts on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in her blog.

What’s great about this style is it’s completely stylish and comfortable without looking sloppy. It’s what a street style smart is on the hunt for. These ensembles look clean, modern, and minimal with zero fuss. The technical fabrics, modern mesh, zips, and slogans add some sporty punch to your chic outfit.

coat and sneakers

chic dress in runners houndstooth cape

When pulling off the sporty-chic style, wear more chic pieces than sporty ones. An overdose of sporty elements would make me look off balance and you might be mistaken going to gym since you look like you’ve dressed for it. If you are wearing a sporty dress, tee, or joggers, prefer high heels to glam it up. On the other hand, mixing a pair of trainers with a feminine dress or blouse and skirt or trousers will balance your sporty chic looks. However, if you’d love to show off your athletic side, wear more sporty pieces instead.

sneakersbaseball cap high knee socks sandals in leather joggers sporty tank with blazer

There are so many cool and easy ways to look sporty-chic in the streets. Just take an outfit and dress it up or dress it down, all depending on your shoes and accessories. For instance, you can wear jeans with sneakers when running around town for errands and then slip on a pair of pumps for a coffee meeting later. Also, you may creatively wear some knee-high socks with classic shoes or sneakers. Of course, a baseball cap looks sporty with a jacket tied on your waist. For shoes, it all depends on your style but it makes the chic aspect of your look!

varsity sweater varsity jacket sporty tank top in skirt sporty leggings gray jogger pants

Also, rock this style by wearing sporty outfits such as jerseys, sweaters, varsity and bomber jackets, graphic tees, jogger pants, tennis skirts, and shirt dresses. You may rock a shirt with leather trousers and throw a varsity jacket on top just what Andy did. You may also pair your graphic tees with structured blazers. You can pair your sweaters with a basic t-shirt or a tank top. Also, jogger pants are great because they’re very athletic-inspired but still tailored and cute. Just keep the outfit simple by sticking to neutrals and perhaps just a pop of color to your outfit.

There are many stylish ways to rock this style. Be creative, stylish, and smart. Flaunt your sporty-chic style on the streets!

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