Andrea Martínez: Urban Fashion in a Romantic Style

Urban fashion screams casual, edgy, and cool as it serves as a reflection of a busy, nightlife, and cozy lifestyle in a big city. But if you’re not a shirt-and-pants type of girl, you may dress up your urban looks with romantic and feminine touches. Looking how is it possible? Keep on reading to get some tricks in dressing up your urban street looks.

From Monterrey, Mexico, Andrea Maria Pérez Martínez is known for her urban-chic fashion with a touch of romantic and feminine styles. According to Andrea, she loves to bring some urban touches with her looks like contrasting textures and themes of a very feminine outfit with sneakers. Launched Dear Milano as her personal blog in July 2012, Andrea reflects her personality through her style, and shares her fashion sense to her readers.

chambray shirt with cool skirt

denim jeans with funky sweater 1. oversized top with jeans

If you like to dip your toe to the style, you may start by dressing up your denim items with romantic and feminine ensembles. Andrea creatively wore a trendy skirt with her chambray shirt and a funky sweater with her distressed denim. Though denim screams casual and urban, always remember that pairing it with any dressy piece will vamp up the style in a romantic way.

baroque print skirt with classic top classic print coat with urban outfitkiss print dress with sneakers polka dots pants with crop top

Feminine prints and even classic prints are an excellent way to add some feminine flair to your urban looks. Think of classic prints like polka dots, stripes, checks, animal prints and even funky prints like heart pattern, kiss prints, and such that may add some romantic but urban vibe to your looks. Sneakers, boots, and leather bags scream urban so you may dress them up with feminine hats, structured bags, and even chic sunglasses to balance the careless feel.

leather jacket with purple dress nude top with cute skirt

Think of designs, styles, and ornaments that may add some romantic vibe to your looks. Andrea opted for a beaded dress and paired a leather jacket with it to create an urban-chic look. Also, an asymmetrical hemline skirt serves as a great canvas for an embellished blouse that keeps your style romantic but urban.

neon green coat with sneakersurban outfityellow skirt with trendy boots

Flashy colors like neon shades or bright hues can be a great way to add a pop of color to your urban style. Andrea creatively wore a bright yellow dress with a pair of trendy boots and a color paneled dress in lavender and neon yellow hues. If you are brave enough, you may wear a neon green coat like Andres did. Just complement your style with sneakers so you’ll keep the urban feel while still looking romantic.

fur top with floral skirtfur vest with black dress

Fur texture screams romantic but wearing them in an unconventional way keeps the urban feel. Andrea wore a fur blouse with a floral skirt and a fur vest with a dress and sneakers. If you want a more subtle style, you may just wear sneakers with your fur ensembles to balance your luxurious and casual feel.

button down shirt with printed coat leather bag with all black outfit white blouse with midi skirt

You may mix and match your romantic ensembles with urban pieces together to create the desired looks. Think of button down shirts, pencil skirts, midi skirts, leather tops, leather pants and such that give off an urban feel with more feminine pieces like a structured bag or a feminine coat. Andrea creatively wore her button down shirt with an animal print coat and a classic blouse with an urban-electro skirt that gives an urban yet romantic vibe.

animal print boots with all white outfit classic pumps with fringe outfitcute sunglasses with urban outfit fedora hat with urban outfitfringe bag with urban outfit

For your accessories, you may opt for urban or romantic ones depending on your outfit. Andrea wore metallic shoes with her fringed outfit and an animal print boots with an all white outfit. Just decide how urban or romantic you want your looks to be and complement your looks with your accessories.

Urban fashion is a creative yet laid-back looks to experiment with. Keeping your style romantic at the same time urban shows your feminine and cool girl nature. So, be creative with your street looks and show off your urban fashion in a romantic style.




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