American Celebrity Style Fashion Tips 

French women, without a doubt, are style blazers. But when it comes to style, Americans come in a close second. Take inspiration from the USA’s best dressers by following these celebrity style fashion tips.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Sleek yet Surprising

sarah jessica parker embellished dress

When it comes to American fashion icons, nothing else comes close to the celebrity style fashion tips of Sarah Jessica Parker. As Sex and the City’s Carrie, she marched the red carpets in sleek yet surprising fashions. Her choices comprise of sophisticated suits with hints of enticing surprises.

sarah jessica parker colorful dress sarah jessica parker leather coat and jeans

Gwyneth Paltrow: Pretty and Polished

gwyneth paltrow grey dress

Gwyneth is undoubtedly gorgeous, so it comes as no surprise why she likes pretty and polished looks. Her dresses might be simple, but she manages to up the ante with tasteful styling and accessorizing. If you want to look stunning in the evening, then Gwyneth’s celebrity style fashion tips are what you need to heed.

gwyneth paltrow pink dress gwyneth paltrow simple outfit

Michelle Obama: Patriotic Fashionista

michelle obama jcrew outfit

Smart, pretty, and chic – these are just some of the words that describe the First Lady Michelle Obama. Ever since her husband took the oval office in 2008, Michelle has been a cult favorite largely because of her stylish fashion choices.

michelle obama outfit

Unlike other celebrity style fashion tips, Michelle keeps it frugal. In fact, she dotes on the local J. Crew brand. Like the first lady, you can get a sleek yet inexpensive look by dressing up in well-fitting sweaters and high-waisted pencil skirts.

Olsen Twins: Boho Glamour

olsen twins boho style

Mary Kate and Ashley are more than just actresses, they are in fact, true-blue American fashion icons. In fact, nobody conveys the boho glamour look better than the Olsen twins. Notorious for their after-bed, “I-don’t-care” look, the twins’ sloppily polished styles have been the cornerstone of boho chic fashion.

olsen twins black and white

To perfect these celebrity style fashion tips, make sure to stick with boho’s key pieces, such as mumu dresses, maxi skirts, oversized tops, and fringy pieces.

Emma Stone: Colorful World

emma stone pink dress

You can never go wrong when it comes to dressing in monotone or all-black. But if you want to rise above the rest, then follow Emma Stone’s celebrity style fashion tips and dress in immersive colors! The Easy A actress’ penchant for vibrant hues and outstanding designs makes her one of the best American style icons to follow.

emma stone yellow dress

Kate Bosworth: Western Chic

kate bosworth western chic style

Western styles are seen tacky by most, but actress Kate Bosworth has managed to modify everyone’s perception of this. That’s because the “Blue Crush” actress expertly blends western pieces with girlier accents, such as lace and sheer. If you want to make good use of your barely-used plaid tops and cowboy boots, then consider Kate’s celebrity style fashion tips.

kate bosworth in camel top

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