Alexa Chung: Steal Her Style

Television personality, model, and author, Alexa Chung has already managed to secure her place as a modern style icon being one of the best-dressed lists again and again. Looking for inspiration to create a look that is referential, yet with personality? Keep on reading to steal Alexa Chung’s style.

alexa chung in denim romper

denim jeans with coat denim shirt dress denim shorts with edgy accessories denim skirt with chic top

If you find denim items too simple or too casual for your style, for Chung, this simplicity is the very foundation of her staple wardrobe. “A navy blue jumper is potentially the most boring item anyone could design, and yet it’s my most important possession,” Chung said on her interviews. Instead of just resorting to typical denim shorts and jeans, go for overalls, rompers, shirt dresses, and skirts like Alexa did.

alexa chung in edgy outfit leather jacket with chic outfit leather shorts with chic top leather skirt with sweater

Chung is a fan of edgy ensembles like leather skirts, jackets, dress, tops, and even accessories. She always has the infinite outfit ideas and a confidence to dress like a boy but act like a girl. Alexa makes use of her leather jacket to give a tomboyish twist to her chic outfit that has resonated throughout the fashion world. Instead picking stilettos and sky-high shoes, Chung favors slightly boyish pieces like flat loafers, brogues, pointed boots and such that you may go for.

alexa chung in lace top and silk skirt glamorous dress with heels halter dress with structured bag black sweater with tweed skirt military chic jacket with leggings

Alexa Chung knows how to bring interest in her outfit by contrasting different fabric textures like lace, silk, fur, tweed and such making them look more glamorous and eye-catching. Like her, go for a lace top paired with a silk skirt, a dress with fur trims. Just dress them down with flat shoes like boots, loafers, brogues and such. This way, you’ll still copy her tomboyish style without losing the sophisticated and chic vibe.

collared dress with chic shoes collared dress with flat shoes collared top with skirt

Chung is a fan of mixed fashion style like preppy, chic, and even laid-back. One of her notable looks is her Peter Pan collar obsession wearing collared tops and dresses on her street styles. The great thing about it, Chung has managed to convince us that we should be wearing them too as high street retailers positively exploded with them, that you can found lots of dresses, blouses, tops, knitwear, and stand-alone accessories looking modern and trendy. If you don’t have one, be creative layering your button-down shirt with a round neck sweater or shirt, leaving the collars popped for a Chung’s preppy-inspired style.

chic top with pencil skirt alexa chung in statement dress alexa chung in retro floral dress alexa chung in quirky outfit

Like Alexa, play with stylish prints to make a statement. Go for classics, moderns, quirky, and even geometric ones that will showcase your fashion sense with personality. Mixing prints in an outfit looks cool and trendy too. Chung’s personal style is an interesting marriage of derivative style referencing and personal experience. But the most impressive, her style keeps her on the best-dressed lists year after year. Like Alexa, be brave with your fashion style and show your personality through the clothes you’re wearing.

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