Alexa Chung Fashion Tips

Model and British Vogue editor – these are just some of the merits that Alexa Chung has under her belt. An undoubted ‘it’ girl, this English-Chinese vixen is a force to reckon with when it comes to style. Be just as glamorous as her by following these Alexa Chung fashion tips:

“I Live for Red.”

These five simple words pretty much sum up Alexa Chung fashion style. Red makes her ladylike – and it can do the same thing to you. This seductive color is very powerful, and even one red-shaded item can make your beauty pop out. Take the case of Alexa’s red oxfords, which made her simple style look very trendy.

red oxfords

alexa chung red blazer and skirt

Sweatshirt = Perfection

You might think of Alexa Chung fashion as expensive and couture, but it’s actually the opposite. The model loves simple clothes, especially sweatshirts. Why? Alexa says that it is “light enough for summer, and warm for winter.” More importantly, it can be paired with most kinds of bottoms. If she can rock a simple sweatshirt and jeans without any trouble, then you can surely do too!

alexa chung grey sweatshirt alexa chung sweatshirt

Mick Jagger: Style Icon

Alexa Chung looks up to a number of people, but rock star Mick Jagger is her hands-down favorite. The original bad boy is not only Alexa’s crush, he is her style icon as well. Alexa Chung fashion style is often embellished with velvet and printed blazers, just some of the many things Mick Jagger is well-known for.

alexa chung mick jagger style alexa chung leopard blazer

“I Love Rock and Roll.”

With her undying devotion for Mick Jagger, it comes as no surprise why Alexa Chung fashion is hardcore rock and roll. She thoroughly loves rock fashion elements, and the moto jacket is one of her favorite style staples. Leather garments are some of the other pieces that help make Alexa look like the rock fashion goddess that she is.

alexa chung moto jacket alexa chung leather skirt

Boho and Vintage for Downtime

Alexa Chung fashion is impeccable, even if she’s off-duty. Whenever she’s not working, she curls up on boho and vintage clothes from shops like “The Deep End Club.” So whenever you see her in these garments, know that she just looks ridiculously fashionable – even if she does not really mean to.

alexa chung vintage wear alexa chung vintage dress

Pretty Clothes for the Pretty Woman

Even if Alexa Chung fashion is leaned towards rock and vintage, the model adores ‘pretty’ clothes too. This is obvious in most of her looks – where she manages to fuse rock/vintage with elegant and luxurious pieces. Lacy dresses,and Emilia Wickstead’s pink kimono coat are just some of the many things that Alexa would like to wear.

alexa chung floral dress alexa chung printed skirt

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