Ageless Style Icons to Look up To 

They say wine goes better with age. The same holds true for fashion – especially with the world’s foremost ageless style icons. Take inspiration from these classic femmes by learning more about their unwavering style philosophies.

Helen Mirren

Proving the old belief that ‘age ain’t nothing but a number’ is British actress Helen Mirren. At age 69, Helen Mirren trumps the other ageless style icons with her exuberant elegance and exemplary fashion sense.

helen mirren

Since we are all going to age, you might as well age gracefully as Helen! Be able to do so by investing in her favorite feminizing and form-fitting apparels.

helen mirren for vogue

Carolina Herrera

Ageless style icons come and go, but this is not the case for Carolina Herrera. Her passion for fashion blossomed at an early age, thanks to her socialite grandmother who exposed her to high-style lines, such as Balenciaga, Christian Dior, and Lanvin.

carolina herrera portrait

At age 76, the designer remains sophisticated as ever. Transcend the years like the Venezulan-American beauty by investing in timeless pieces, such as the crisp button-down shirt.

carolina herrera

Jane Birkin

Actress and singer Jane Birkin is famous for many movies and TV shows. A true fashion chameleon, she is often seen in slip dresses – which are deemed ‘racy’ by most. Always a step forward in her time, her influence to today’s ageless style icons lives on. After all, she is the inspiration behind Jean-Louis Dumas’ sophisticated style creations: the elegant (and expensive) Hermès  Birkin bag.

jane birkin white dress jane birkin

Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley is another one of the few ageless style icons who have managed to preserve their youthful looks. In fact, she is one of the best persons to draw fashion inspiration from – no matter what age and era.

christie brinkley black mini dress

Even with the ever-changing fashions of the bygone years, Christie stayed true to timeless classics, such as the little black dress and sheer tights. So even if she’s already 61 years old, she still looks she just walked the runway.

christie brinkley black dress


Some ageless style icons have flushed their lives to the drain, but not Iman. Born in Somali, the 59-year-old supermodel has successfully withstood the test of time. Even if she’s about to turn 60 next January, she manages to maintain her slender figure, fine features, and coppery skin – just some of the many facets that helped her become a supermodel in the first place.

iman black dress

Want to stay as youthful as Iman? Then make it a point to copy her powerful yet feminine outfits.

iman colorful dress

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