Adriana Dobrowolska: Urban Fashion Style

If wish to fit in the urban lifestyle filled with buzzing music, parties, and nightlife, you need to urbanize your style first. Urban fashion style is cool, functional, and comfortable but keeps you stylish and edgy at the same time. From baseball caps and converses to skinny jeans and leather jackets, the style can be both fashionable and subversive, and is great for partying to casual walks. So, if you’re wondering how to obtain an awesome urban look for a day and night out on the town, keep on reading to scoop some style ideas.

From Poland, Adriana Dobrowolska is known for her functional and comfortable urban fashion style with a mix of grunge and casual touches. In her blog Lil’icons, she shows her love of casual looks as it makes her free, light, and comfortable.

animal print sneakers

beanie with urban outfit checkered shawl with leather trousers sneakers with urban outfit urban bag with distressed denim

Urban accessories such as sneakers, beanies, caps, sunglasses, bold belts, all kinds of boots, and even jewelry are subversive, hip, and cool. Though sunglasses have had a vast change of styles since the 19th century, designs such as oversized, big, round, cat’s eyes and such can be a great choice for the urban look. Also, there are plenty of jewelry designs that can suit your urban style and personality such as gold hoop earrings, stud earrings, spike bracelets, along with chains or chokers.

leather dress with nude pumps leather jacket with black dress red leather pants

To add some edge to your urban style, wear anything leather. Adriana wore leather dresses, leather trousers, leather jackets, leather boots and leather accessories to keep the laid-back and city-appropriate. To add some chic to your edgy style, just wear anything sophisticated like a dress, structured bag or a lace top to punch some class to your relaxed and simple outfit.

chambray top with denim skirt denim jacket with skinny jeans leather trousers with classic top ripped boyfriend jeans white denim with floral top

Denim items are a common urban clothing necessity. You may opt from plain to fade wash or distressed to skinny styles. For a more versatile style, the skinny fit is the ultimate urban-style for jeans as it goes well from sneakers to sandals and even flats to heels. Adriana even sported denim on denim by wearing chambray on top and distressed denim skirt as her bottom. Also, sneakers are a brilliant match with denim as they are wonderfully comfortable that can be worn with a casual outfit or a more stylish nightwear. Again, the result is laid-back but stylish.

graphic shirt with boots graphic top with leather skirt sweater with skinny pants tank top with slip on sandals

Tops like graphic shirts, basic tees, hoodies, and cardigans scream the urban feel.You may opt for a shirt in lightweight color like white, or an exceedingly solid dark color like black to keep it a great canvas in accessorizing. Also, tank tops, sweaters, and cardigans in fitting styles are complimenting and give you a sleek look without trying too hard.

gray asymmetrical dress with leggings red chekered dress

If you want to sport some dresses for your urban looks, just modernize the style by pairing them with anything urban like a jacket, leggings, sneakers, and even sunglasses. Black leggings are awesome with a loose or a tight dress as it guarantees you to light up the dance floor, in a comfortable and stylish looks.

Urban fashion style is indeed stylish and edgy without taking away the comfort in you. So, whether you’re going on a casual walk in the town or a cool party with your friends, fit in the big city through your urban fashion style.




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