Add Some Unexpected Vibe to Your Fall Looks with Marta Pozzan

Fall is one of the best seasons to experiment with your style, and adding some unexpected vibe to your looks will make you more unique and statement-making. The Italian fashion blogger behind the It’s Super Fashion blog, Marta Pozzan is known for her unexpected street looks that feature the mix of her European roots with her American lifestyle. Since looking unique and expressive on your street style may be challenging, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Play with structures and silhouettes.


oversized-fur-coat-with-flared-lace-trousers leather-top-with-fur-detailed-pants

One of the easiest ways to get an unexpected look is to play with your structures and silhouettes. Like Marta, you may opt for a ruffled or frilled top that can make your style avant-garde. Or, wear your basic ensembles in an unconventional way such as wearing a boxy leather top with wide leg leather pants. Take advantage of flared pants, oversized coats, architectural tops, asymmetric bottoms and such to create unexpected looks on your street style.

Add a pop of color with your accessories.

colorful-sweater-with-yellow-sneakers translucent-clutch-with-white-outfit fur-coat-with-pink-shoes

Bold colors can instantly alter your overall look, making it look more lively and eccentric. While neutral hues keep your style timeless and classy, neon shades give it some playful vibe, making your fall season unique and creative. Like Marta, think of a translucent green clutch that can spice up your all-white outfit, or even a pair of hot pink sandals that can add some feminine flair to your fall looks. You can also go for a sporty cool style by resorting to bold-colored sneakers that can complement your cozy sweater and casual jeans.

Get creative with prints and patterns.

quirky-print-top-with-pants fur-coat-with-funky-print-dress funky-sweater-with-yellow-pumps

Wearing prints and patterns can be great to add some creativity to your street style. You can actually opt for a quirky graphic print that can do the statement for you, or mix two loud patterns to create a bolder style. Like Marta, you may opt for a quirky print sweater dress that can be perfect this fall season, and spice it up with a pair of neon yellow pumps. Or, think of wearing two different prints in the same color scheme to keep your outfit coordinated yet a bit unexpected.

Wear your fall layers like a pro.

fringe-boots-with-white-dress knitted-top-with-leather-skirt-and-boots quirky-top-with-metallic-pants

Fall season is the best time to get creative on your layers. Like Marta, think of going wild on your silhouettes by wearing your free-flowing dress with a fur coat and fringed suede boots. Or, experiment on your chic pieces by wearing your dress with pants, skirts with leggings and such that can make your fall style creative and a bit unexpected. By heeding these simple tricks from Marta, you’ll be able to add some unexpected vibe to your fall looks while looking effortless.

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