Add Some Flair to Your Spring Looks with Sarah Ashcroft

If you’re tired on your wardrobe, it’s time to get creative on your looks and recreate fresh outfits from your old ensembles. Mind behind That Pommie Girl blog, Sarah Ashcroft is a style blogger from Buckinghamshire, England known for her creative looks with a mix of sexy, casual, and playful touches. According to her, the name of her blog rooted from the name came from the Australian half of her since “pommie” is Australian slang for an English person. Whether you have a casual, chic, sexy, or eccentric style, keep on reading to learn some tricks from her so you’ll add some flair to your spring looks.

Go bold and bright on your colors and prints.

floral print bomber jacket with yellow jumpsuit

tropical print romper with gladiators graphic print matching set with yellow coat

Retire your winter palette of dark hues as spring is the perfect season to go bright and bold on your color and print choices. Like Sarah, you may start by adding some pop of color to your matching top and shorts with a yellow coat that will make everything vibrant and fresh. Or, think of wearing a colorful floral print bomber jacket with a neon yellow jumpsuit, making your spring statement intentional and bold. If you’re not a fan of neon colors and pastel shades, you can still opt for jewel-toned hues to make your spring style more statement-making without much effort.

Get a little sexy on your street looks.

body con skirt with pastel sweater and nude sandals skinny jeans with sexy gray top and denim jacket off shoulder tropical print blouse with skinny jeans

As the temperature warms up, it gives you an excuse to get a little sexy on your outfits. Like Sarah, you may start with a breezy off shoulder blouse teamed with skinny jeans and flat sandals. Or, go for form-fitting silhouettes like a fitted shirt and high-waist trousers that will still look sexy yet effortless without showing too much skin. For a chicer alternative, think of dressy skirts and tops that you can mix and match with your casual ensembles, dressing up your spring looks while keeping everything effortless.

Be unexpectedly edgy to your street style.

lightweight vest with casual outfit and lace up sandals shirt tied on waist with casual cool outfit ripped jeans with sneakers and fringed bag

Depending on your personality, you can go for rocker-chic ensembles, grunge-inspired pieces, or even urban ones. Like Sarah, make your ripped jeans make a bold statement by teaming it with a fringed bag and sneakers, perfect for a casual street look. Or, simply tie a flannel shirt on your waist to add some flair to your casual top, bomber jacket, and jeans. If you have an eye for a chic yet effortless style, think of a fitted crop top and skinny jeans that will look a little edgy with a lightweight vest and lace-up sandals like Sarah did.

Add some interest with your accessories.

red patent pumps with casual chic outfit pink pumps and transparent minibag with casual outfit fur bag with casual chic outfit

You can be unique, statement-making, and playful on your accessories by going for ones that look creative yet unexpected. Instead of a fur scarf, you may opt for a fur bag that will go well with pom pom sandals to dress up your casual chic outfit like Sarah did. Or, think of bold colored pumps in the shades of hot pink, neon yellow, or even bold red to add some flair to your casual outfits. By heeding these tricks from her, you’ll add some flair to your spring looks effortlessly.

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