A Guide to Wearing Sandals in the Office

Some offices are pretty lax with the dress code, and your boss might allow you to wear sandals to the office. And if this is actually permitted in your workplace, remember that you can still look good yet respectable by following this definitive guide on wearing sandals in the office.

Block-Heel Sandals

Wearing sandals in the office don’t need to be painful, as long as you have a pair of block-heel sandals in tow. What’s great about this low yet fashionable sandal is that it can be worn with everything, except for wide-leg trousers though.

sienna miller block heel outfit

white block heel sandals

Ankle-Wrap Flats

If you don’t want to trip while wearing sandals in the office, then your best choice is ankle-wrap flats. Since they look so casual, remember to wear these flats with more sophisticated and structured outfits. Avoid wearing these with laidback garments, unless you and your officemates are actually headed to a barbeque cook-out.

flat ankle wrap sandals ankle wrap flat shoes

Gladiator Sandals

Another way to be comfortable while wearing sandals in the office is to sport gladiator sandals. But like the ankle wrap flats, they can look too casual when worn with laidback clothes. So if you want to look like a boss when wearing gladiator sandals, make it a point to wear it with a dressy full or A-line skirt. Don’t pair it with pants because you will be defeating the purpose of showing the gladiator straps.

black gladiator sandals for work black gladiator sandals

Strappy Wedge Sandals

Another comfy alternative to wearing sandals at work is the strappy wedge sandals. Of course, you want to show off the straps so avoid wearing it with long pants. Pair it with a dress, pencil skirt or pedal pushers for a chic yet comfy style at the office. Avoid super-short skirts, lest you want to be slapped a warning for indecent exposure.

black strappy wedges strappy wedge heels

Two-Strap Heels

Look elegant while wearing sandals in the office with two-strap heels. It’s actually the simple style that makes it office-appropriate. Since the straps are what you need to show off, don’t cover them up by wearing long trousers. Reveal the straps in good taste by wearing it with conservative-length skirts or culottes.

rosie huntington whiteley two strap sandals camilla belle two strap heels

Lace-up Heels

If you want to make a fashion statement while wearing sandals in the office, then do try the lace-up heels. These outlandish, elevated shoes can make you look polished – although they are more of party shoes. The key to pulling this off is to wear it with structured and elegant pieces, such as a sleek pencil skirt or a flowy midi skirt.

miranda kerr lace up heels pink lace up heels

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